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Fulham Match to Go on, Transit Strike Halted

The planned 48 hour walkout of union transit workers in the London Underground has been temporarily called off, meaning tomorrow's Liverpool match can go on unaffected.

Ian Walton

Despite fears that a strike among London Underground workers would force a postponement of tomorrow's match against Fulham at Craven Cottage, it appears that things are going to go ahead as planned. The transit unions involved in the strike have agreed to halt their planned 48 hour walkout that was to start tonight, which will alleviate the fears that Fulham's staff had been expressing.

The whole thing seemed rather odd anyways. While Fulham's concerns on fan safety and ability to get to the match were certainly understandable. Given the fact that Arsenal, West Ham, and Leyton Orient also have home matches during the scheduled strike, and none seemed to be particularly concerned and had plans in place to help deal with the issue, their concerns may have been misplaced.

If Fulham had called off the match and asked for it to be rescheduled, the FA could potentially have forced them to forfeit the match under the circumstances at hand. That would have resulted in Liverpool being awarded the three points and the match being recorded as a 3-0 result. It's very unlikely that we would have seen that happen, but the potential was there, and Fulham's management are probably glad that any possibility of facing such a punishment is gone.

Now the focus moves from the will-it-or-won't-it concern to actually facing down Fulham, which is something of a relief.

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