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Henderson To Face Fulham With Broken Wrist

Quietly and without any fanfare, Jordan Henderson played through the Arsenal match with a broken wrist, but it shouldn't prevent him from facing off against Fulham midweek.

Michael Regan

Jordan Henderson is not a complainer. Jordan Henderson has certainly had good reason to complain over the years — saddled with a transfer fee that was most certainly not his fault, consistently played out of position, nearly sold to the now relegation-bound Fulham — but through all this the young Englishman has doubled down his efforts and kept any negativity to himself.

So it's unsurprising to learn that in Sunday's demolishing of Arsenal, the midfielder managed to break his wrist, according to the Mirror. There were no details as to how the injury was sustained — some might have expected an injury of another sort when Henderson went over the boards and into the camera bay at the Kop end — but suffice it to say the fact that he wasn't substituted to tend to said injury is characteristic of Henderson playing through things that just haven't gone his way.

This isn't to say players should always play through the pain or hide injuries from their managers, of course, just that Henderson doesn't seem to sweat the things beyond his control. He's been given a cast to wear on Wednesday should the match against Fulham go ahead as scheduled, and so any potential midfield crisis for Liverpool looks to be averted.

With two years left on his contract and playing an integral part for his club, Henderson has been the subject of rumours regarding a contract extension. That the player has been unequivocal about wanting to achieve things at Anfield the entire time he's been on Merseyside should make an extension likely for his part, and his manager Brendan Rodgers thinks Henderson's future is red.

"He will certainly be one, the way he is working, who we would want to secure his services," Rodgers said. "I’m sure it is in the interests of the club to tie him down."

There's still lots of time to negotiate and neither Henderson nor the club seem to be in any great hurry to lock something down. In a World Cup year a great tournament can bring on new suitors for a successful player, and if Henderson's form gives Roy Hodgson no choice but to select him for the squad bound for Brazil, securing Henderson's signature sooner rather than later would go a long way to solidifying one piece of Liverpool's midfield before the summer.

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