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The Week in Comments: "Liverpool had scored 4 goals by now"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

I usually choose a photo with fans for this feature. There are fans in this photo.
I usually choose a photo with fans for this feature. There are fans in this photo.
Michael Regan

Henderson's Hunting Leads the Way for Liverpool

In tribute to our honey badger and glorious manager, and because I'm still giddy.
If this comment gets 100 recs, I will post a photo of myself and Shankly Bear adorned in Tapout gear.

— Nerf, which you may contiue to rec here

Liverpool 5, Arsenal 1: The Look Of Champions

Aly Cissokho only fell over twice today.
This is the kind of analysis I rely on from TLO.


— ChrisLFC

Liverpool 5, Arsenal 1: The Look Of Champions

we didnt just win a game.
we Fucking. Vaporized. this team today. ya, BR got tactics right, ya our boys executed the shit outta their gameplan, but guys – we ate their souls today. we fuckin Kali Ma Shakti de’d their asses, pulled out their heart with our bare hands and sacrificed it on a pyre of hot magma while it was still beating. we fuckin, sewed their asshole closed an kept feedin em, an feedin em, an feedin em. we Zeus Clapped their spirits, and charbroiled their will. we fractured every particle of hope they may have had, an then let the dogs on em to fight over the remaining scraps. that was annihilation. it was apocalyptic. it was radioactive waste. it was NC-17. there is no more arsenal title change after today, how could there be? there’s barely an arsenal! theyre clinging to dear life, any slight breeze might – poof – just blow them away now.

who the fuck are we? im frightened of my own football team. i wouldnt let my children watch Liverpool at the moment, for fear of giving them crippling, childhood defining nightmares. i dont wanna pay for their therapy, i need to save the dough to pay for my own therapy. how i love and despair this club all of a sudden. filthy horrible red goblins!

— latortillablanca
Turns out, this was a really, really good match to watch in an Arsenal fan's home.

— marque_pierre

Watch: Philippe Coutinho v. Arsenal

latortillablanca: nerfcalleditnerfcalleditnerfcalleditnerfcalleditnerfcalleditnerfcalleditnercalledit

Farce of Nature: For heaven's sake, Nerf, call Edit!
Seems like it’s urgent.

Race for the Top Four: Manchester United Crash Out Leaving Liverpool, Everton, and Tottenham

Suleiman the Magnificent
was the greatest sultan of the Ottoman Empire, whose fleet dominated the seas from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea and under whom the imperial borders reached their greatest extent. However, his reign also sowed the seeds of the Empire’s later decline, as European rivals were allowed to strengthen their navies, no midfielders were signed and most disastrously of all he selected his dissolute and incompetent son Selim to succeed him instead off a seasoned campaigner such as Mustafa, Bayezid or Jose Mourinho.

— Liberecak

Suarez Wants League Glory but Only Arsenal, Chelsea, and City Have a Chance

This article is gonna look so weird when we win the title this year......

— Sturridges_Barber
MichaeLFC: Question: How are we all feeling about a top-four finish?

BrooklynHorn: Were I an impartial observer, I'd say Liverpool were in the driver's seat. As an actual supporter, I say we have no chance, because, you know, ETW. Yay for unambiguous feelings.

Sunday Open Thread: Win-Win-Win Edition

Liverpool had scored 4 goals by now
This game is dull

— ArunK

LTB thinks Daniel Sturridge is arrogant. Several people had a ticket for the rec train. Hermes agrees CL qualification is ahead of schedule.

Staff Comment of the Week

3XI: Frustrated February Edition

She has been convicted of theft though...of Andre's heart

— Ed

Gif of the Week

(via jack's complete lack of surprise)

Stats of the Week

  • Total comments this week: 3353
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 3149
  • Total green comments: 209

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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