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The Week in Comments: "No 'Patrick' Burgers?"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

The Week in Comments: "REUS=TLO God"

Good luck! Hope you get adopted by someone good

— tkired, on the adoption process usmc reds is going through at the moment
MikeLloyd15: Can't help but feel that the Everpool Diner is missing out on some marketing opportunities.

No "Patrick" Burgers?
Can’t buy a cup of "Tony" Coffee?
No battered "Ruddock" and chips?

They’re a disgrace...

Agent moyes: No phil keBabbs either

Leicester City 1, Liverpool 3: First Thoughts

Konchesky doesn't play for Liverpool and we win.
Coincidence? I think not.

— jack's complete lack of surprise, with the perfect one-two combo of comment and username

Leicester City 1, Liverpool 3: Rank the Performances

legendarywalton: I don’t think Brendan rates DMs

Petsen2: Some would say that’s offensive.
gaksital: Why is Lovren getting so many down votes?
He was only in the game for like a second and he didn’t make any errors?

gntfan10: He used his mind to concuss Skrtel.

Lallana Again Proves His Worth

A few more performances like that, and it’s just a matter of time before a top four club like Southampton starts trying to lure him away with the prospect of Champions League football.

And yes, I wrote that with tears in my eyes.

— saintgrobian

Gerrard Offered New Contract

You don’t take the hit on Agger’s sale to do right by him and then cry poor with Steven Gerrard. You just don’t.

— nihil in moderato, on the idea that the club should reduce Gerrard's wages

Rumour Mongering: Norwegian Prodigy Visits Liverpool, Dines with Coutinho

Good move, I used to absolutely love proper restaurant dining at his age.

— Liberecak

Jordan Henderson Cannot Imagine Life without Steven Gerrard

suleyman.gulasi: Side note: there hasn’t been much GIF activity around these parts lately. Maybe it has something to do with our slump in form

Nes011: Lack of movement on the pitch = Lack of movement in the comments.

Rodgers: "The Momentum is Important"

Hidden among the detritus of BR's coach-speak are kernels of actual opinions

Whether interpreting BR or most other coaches, I’ve always found it an interesting challenge to sort out the actual opinions from the coach-speak. With most coaches/managers, you can generally find signals of truth, even though they are masked by the noise of cliches and forced optimism.

For example, after the Palace match, BR deflected some blame for the loss to inexperienced young players. Since then, the youngsters have had a more difficult time finding the pitch. Here is an example of a relatively off-hand statement by BR, hidden within a bunch of other, largely meaningless statements, that actually reflects BR’s view about a strategic need going forward — to lean heavily for the moment on senior players with Premier League experience.

Now, BR is suggesting that Gerrard’s strong performance yesterday resulted in part from the fact that he was rested on Saturday. BR also said that he will need to be "looking at the games to play him in" for the rest of the season. So, in my opinion, here we are seeing the kernels of a real opinion and a real plan — he intends to rotate Gerrard from here on out.

— steve.b.jensen

Liverpool 0, Sunderland 0: First Thoughts

"Brendan, Rickie Lambert has gone 90 4 times in the past 2 weeks. Don't you think he needs a rest?"
"Well he’s our only healthy forward at the moment and understands what needs to be done."
"What about Fabio Borini?"
"I’m sorry, who is that?"

— Chicken Red

Daniel O. thinks that Liverpool fans are being unfair to Brendan Rodgers. treetrunks shared some thoughts on Stevie's eventual departure.

Staff Comment

Leicester City 1, Liverpool 3: A Frustrating Victory but Momentum Building

You'd have thought Liverpool lost the game with this match report

ETB: Unhappy when we’re losing and unhappy when we’re winning, no pleasing some people.
ETW: Yes, that may be true but can we ignore how Liverpool play under pressure from opposition with Man U and Basel next week?
ETB: We needed to win the game and we did that. At this stage, let’s just rack up wins.
ETW: It’ll take more than this performance to beat either Man U or Leicester.
ETB: Liverpool won when Man U won, we’re still in touch. I’ll take that.
ETW: Of course you would, you’re a Liverpool fan struggling without strikers, a plan, and success in the transfer window.
ETB: We’re winning games in what looks like a crucial month.
ETW: Call me when at the end of next week. This match report is justified.
ETB: I don’t think it is misery guts and I have you on speed dial. See you next weekend.
ETW: Bet you’ll be seeing me before then.
ETB: Miserable bastard.
ETW: Deluded optimist.

— Chuck

Gif of the Week

Gerrard is the head of this owl

The rest of the squad rotates but he remains in place.

— Balotelli's Mohawk


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  • Welcome to delurkers RaleighRed and Anish Mohanty . Apologies if I missed anyone!

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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