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Vote: Liverpool's November Player of the Month

November may not have been a good month for Liverpool, but there were a few players who stood out for being not quite as bad as the rest. Let us know who your Player of the Month was.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

A pair of wins against Stoke and Leicester to end November and start December has Liverpool inching in the right direction, but they aren't enough to cover up just how bad things have been over the past month for the Reds. They kicked off November by losing to Newcastle. Then they lost to Real Madrid. Then to Chelsea. Then to Crystal Palace.

They began to recover slightly towards the end of the month, drawing with Ludogorets to keep their Champions League hopes alive before narrowly defeating Stoke, but taken as a whole, November was horrible. Taken as a whole, on the pitch, November—both the performances and the results—was as bad as things have been since the Roy Hodgson era.

Still, even with all the gloom and disappointment, there were a few relatively good performances. There were players who stood out as being at least not quite as bad as the rest. Giving players between five and one points based on how Liverpool Offside readers ranked them after each game, with five for a Man of the Match performance down to one for fifth place, gives us November's short-list.

With voting all over the map match-to-match, Lucas' strong performances in his three appearances put him top with 11 points, while despite falling apart of late, Mignolet's two Man of the Match performances to start November gave him 10. The other contenders are Raheem Sterling (8), Philippe Coutinho (8), Emre Can (7), Martin Skrtel (7), and Alberto Moreno (6).

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