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Rodgers: "The Momentum is Important"

As they head into a busy December filled with fixture after fixture, Liverpool get off to a good start with a win over Leicester in the league, one that they hope to continue at the weekend against Sunderland.

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Nothing is better than this picture.
Nothing is better than this picture.
Clive Mason/Getty Images

Liverpool play eight matches in the month of December, and while the period is always traditionally busy, the team's form for much of November did not create much optimism that they would get through December unscathed. But an uptick in performances starting last week in Champions League netted their first positive result after several losses in a row, and Brendan Rodgers thinks his club look like they're finally getting on a roll.

"What's important for me is the spirit," Rodgers said after the match against Leicester on Tuesday. "Ludogorets was a good performance. We had a good performance at the weekend [against Stoke] even if it was a tight game. I think being competitive is very important for us. People looked at our football and the fluency in our football and the speed in our game and we've always been competitive. But for that little spell up until Crystal Palace, we weren't.

"We've changed it around and looked at the mentality of the team going into the games and the focus and the concentration and that, over the last three games, has been excellent. I can see that we've still got a way to go, but we're going to fight our way through these performances and the spell that we were in. We've now got really exciting games coming up and we want to keep performing and keep winning."

One might argue that Liverpool's warmish streak is less about player focus and concentration — although, yes, those are important too — than it is about the changes Rodgers has made to his line-up, both positionally and rotationally. Regardless of what Rodgers would like to attribute his team's recent success to, three results in three matches sets the team up nicely for December's onslaught.

"The momentum is important," Rodgers continued. "That's three good performances now and results, so it's small steps but we've still got a lot of work to do. We'll get to where we want to get to. You saw the spirit in the team tonight. They kept fighting right until the very end and we ended up with a very good result."

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