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The Week in Comments: "I get it, Migs to brondby."

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Is this ever not terrifying?
Is this ever not terrifying?
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Community Comments

Burnley 0, Liverpool 1: Rank the Performances

Even in the rankings Lambert is stuck between the keeper and the defender.

— Johnny Luken

Rodgers Praises Mignolet’s Response to Benching

saintgrobian: "It’s something he understands. He comes in with a smile on his face, and he’s working exceptionally well. That’s what we need, because it will be the whole squad that allow us to succeed, and he’s a player who respects the decision. He’s fighting and waiting for that moment." - Rodgers on Agger, October 2013

GunSaladin: I get it, Migs to brondby.

Mamadou Sakho "Failing to Impress", Joins List of Players with Uncertain Futures

Nes011: Are Aspas and Alberto so very doomed that they don’t make it to the list?

saintgrobian : Think the list up there is defenders/GK only. But those two guys are probably still doomed. Assaidi is so doomed he didn’t even make it into your comment.

Pitch, Please: Rodgers Says Anfield Grass Affects Liverpool's Preferred Playing Style

So that's why Sakho always looks awkward

— GunSaladin

Lallana: "We Feel Like We're Turning a Corner"

Turn left off of Losing Lane.
Quick right onto Drawing Drive.
Sharp left onto Winning Way.
Set cruise control for a while.
Arrive at destination.

— Gill15

Season Three May Be a Repeat of Season One

a change in formation has given room for Lazar, Coutinho, Lallana and Sterling to all get on the pitch together.
I look at the triangles and the quick short passes that Couts Lazar and Lallana were looking to play and am very positive about the direction we are headed – it’s a good sign that we are moving towards more guile and cuteness in and around the box rather than simply rely on last seasons (amazingly effective but not sustainable) counterattacking – these are a good signs.

— Geoff Twentyman

Watch: Mamadou Sakho vs. Arsenal

Shut down Sanchez to the extent that the Chilean switched flanks in the 2nd half

Doesn’t panic if the first option isn’t there, plays accurate passes over a wide range with both feet, makes runs into space after passing if necessary, 100% long ball accuracy, dominant in the air, looks to direct players around him when on the ball. I have no idea how people couldn’t have loved this performance.


— Khaine

Pre-Burnley Overnight and General Open Thread

Gerrard patron saint of hand washing
Lucas patron saint of papa bears
Joe Allen patron saint of Nerf
Balotelli patron saint of kids at heart
Brad Jones patron saint of hair gel
Suso patron saint of pomade
Hendo patron saint of hairspray
Sterling patron saint of T-rex starlets
Danny patron saint of hope deferred
Sakho patron saint of just play the man
Lallana patron saint of looking European and sounding English
Markovic patron saint of backwards baseball caps
ilori patron saint of play him next to sakho next season (thanks ED)
Moreno patron saint of looking like Gerrard and Xabi
Enrique patron saint of WTF? and biceps
Aspas patron saint of preseason

thats all i got. Merry Christmas, let’s win!

— tkired

Burnley 0, Liverpool 1: First Thoughts

Yes, but he does provide actual shot stopping, which is pretty important.

— Professor Ch@os, on some of Mignolet's skills

Burnley vs. Liverpool: Ways to Watch, Streaming, Lineups, and Live Coverage

Dirty Wizard: they are indicating that jones has a knock

saintgrobian: From picking up a water bottle?

Dirty Wizard: he hurt himself not going for that ball off the post

jeremy.wyenberg: Maybe he hurt his relationship muscle.

FA Report on Balotelli Incident Claims Leniency Due to Mitigating Factors

"The truth is that Simon suffered the physical result of a benching during a conversation that occurred in my office while I was in the same room."

Luis Suarez saintgrobian

MikeLloyd15 had some thoughts on goalkeepers.

Staff Comment

Mamadou Sakho "Failing to Impress", Joins List of Players with Uncertain Futures

I swear if we lose Agger AND Sakho is accommodate Dejan Lovren I am going to lose my shit.

— Nerf

Watch: Mamadou Sakho vs. Arsenal

This is the defender you build your team’s spine around. Incredibly intelligent, gifted athlete, wonderful representitive of himself and the club…very little to dislike, and it would be a crime if Liverpool sell him at any point in the next three to five years.

— Ed

Gif of the Week

An oldie but a goodie. (via winds)


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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