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The Week in Search Terms: How Many Players Will Liverpool Sign Next Summer?

People find their way to the Liverpool Offside using all kinds of search terms. Some of those terms can seem strange, unusual, or just in need of an answer. Here are a few of them.

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how many players will liverpool sign next summer

Wait, we’re starting this already?

why does borini have no future at liverpool

Because he pissed off Brendan Rodgers by not accepting a transfer and now the manager’s sidelined what could at least be a useful squad player in favour of making a point? Or maybe it’s something else that actually makes a bit of sense. But either way you should probably ask Rodgers and not us, because we continue to be all kinds of puzzled by the situation. It was certainly a daft suspension he picked up against Arsenal and that likely won't help his chances, though.

inter milan news

I’m pretty sure they’re a football club in Milan. Beyond that you’re on your own.

michael owen unpopular

Quite. He’s also a terrible pundit. While the likes of Jamie Carragher and, much as it still pains us to say it, Gary Neville, have managed to establish themselves as ex-players who have greatly increased many fans’ understanding of the game, Owen adds about as much value to any broadcast he’s involved with as a a recording of whale noises would. He’s there, and you can hear him making sound, but if you actually try to pay attention to what he’s saying you’re likely to come out feeling dumber than you went in.

A prime example of that was his suggestion the other day that Liverpool need a player "like Paul Pogba" because Steven Gerrard isn’t getting any younger. It’s an insight with about as much depth to it as saying that Liverpool could use somebody like Sergio Aguero because Daniel Sturridge is often injured. Yes, Michael, Steven is getting old. We’ve known it for a few years. And yes, Michael, it’d be swell to bring in a 21-year-old midfielder valued at upwards of £50M and already considered one of the top players in Serie A.

Whale noises, man. Whale noises.

most valuable footballers sterling

According to the CIES at least he is. Every year, they come out with a review of transfer activity and player value, and at the end of last season they rated Sterling as the world’s 15th most valuable player. By their estimate, his market value is in the £31-36M range right now. At the time they also rated Luis Suarez the world’s most valuable footballer and had Daniel Sturridge just below Sterling with a £29-34M value.

2014 golden boy ranking

I really hope you were looking for football players when you found us using that. Really really.

david silva to liverpool

Pretty sure that ship sailed about five years ago.

how many goals has torres scored for ac milan so far

One. Fernando Torres has scored one goal for AC Milan in the ten league matches he’s played for them, and it’s taken him 19 shots to do so, which is a pretty terrible 5.3% strike rate. Though it’s still better than the man he replaced at Milan is doing for his new club given Mario Balotelli has zero league goals in ten games and has taken 42 shots to get all those zero goals. Balotelli, though, has scored one in the League Cup and once in the Champions League for a total return of two goals in 15 games on 58 shots and a 3.4% strike rate. So. Good times.

lionel messi

Liverpool should try to sign him. They could use someone like Messi to help with their scoring troubles.

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