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Pre-Leicester Overnight Open Thread

Five questions to pass the time as we wait for kickoff from King Power Stadium.

And now the Church of the Greyfriars is car park.
And now the Church of the Greyfriars is car park.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

1) Having missed out on two matches in a row, will Dejan Lovren get the nod? And if so, which of Martin Skrtel or Kolo Toure gives way?

2) Will Lucas have earned a start based on Saturday's performance, or will he make way for the minutes minimized Steven Gerrard?

3) Adam Lallana: will he ever see the pitch again? More specifically, will he see it in this match?

4) The bookies are listing Liverpool as overwhelming favourites to win; how close do you think the match will actually be?

5) How many substitutions will Brendan Rodgers use?

Bonus: In honour of a match played in King Power Stadium, we revisit the Battle of Bosworth Field where Henry Tudor (later Henry VII) defeated Richard III, who was subsequently buried at the Church of the Greyfriars in Leicester. The friary was eventually dissolved and the site demolished, and the location of Richard III's burial plot was lost until a 2012 excavation rediscovered his remains. Richard III is often a go-to option when playing "Historical 20 Questions" with my dad, so tonight we ask: who is your favourite historical figure?

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