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We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

On Moments of Magic and the Need for Lessons Learned

Those lessons need to be ones of balance between hair-on-fire aggression and a selection that neuters Liverpool’s pace and creativity going forward. Ones that are morE inclusive of proMising, effective squad membeRs and thosE who CAN provide something different when the status quo isn’t working.

— saintgrobian

Liverpool vs. FC Basel: Match Preview, Team News, and Ways to Watch

maninblack: Lambert’s 6th match in 16 days. That’s crazy.

max-o: 540 minutes seems like a lot, but in reality, there are just over 23,000 available minutes in that 16 day stretch. So, really, he’s only playing 2.3% of available minutes.

Liverpool 1, Basel 1: First Thoughts

A New Leaf?

Okay, so I tend to be someone who leans toward the negative on TLO. I show my angst after losses and frustrating performances. (Secretly hoping to pull a reverse psychology move on my favorite team.) I have been a real Negative Nelly this entire season. My typical gif posting include such hits as: sinking Titanic, train running off the tracks, nuclear explosion, and kung fu man getting repeatedly kicked in the man parts. So, as the first half whistle blew, this conclusion to our return to the Champions League had me searching for a new clip that could demonstrate my depressed state around this team...

But then, I got to watch the second half and particularly the time after Lazar went off, and you what I saw? I saw guts, heart, and a never say die attitude. I saw a group of guys who I was proud to stand behind. I saw Steve hit a clutch bomb when we needed it. I saw Sktrel almost put us into the next round. It was my favorite part of the season thus far. It wasn’t just cheering for the jersey it was cheering for these men trying desperately to keep the dream alive.

I don’t were we go from here. We clearly have a lot of holes. But, I am just happy for the moment to have watched 20 minutes of a team with character.

Don’t worry, Negative Nelly will return soon.

— Zmac

Liverpool 1, FC Basel 1: Champions League Elimination

Stupid f&cking liverpool

Sometimes I think Brendan Rodgers doesn’t even care about whether I’m happy or not

— usmc reds

Nerf: One day I hope somebody arrives here looking for discounted Tapout merch

nihil in moderato: Discounted tapout merch? To have somebody come here while looking for discounted tapout merch wouldn’t we need people to have written discounted tapout merch a few times on this site? I’m not positive about the google algorithms for searches like "discounted tapout merch," but it feels like if a discounted tapout merch search has a prayer of landing here people need to discuss more about discounted tapout merch.

Liverpool Must Support Rodgers the Rest of the Way

Managers evolve

A common misconception is that there is a category of "excellent" managers and "crappy" managers where the categories don’t change. I would argue otherwise. Only a few coaches fall in a single category—Ancelottis and Mourihnos (URG) on one side and many others on the other.

Most managers change over time. Dalglish was a GREAT manager who has been excellent since 1996. Gus Hiddink, who has done some amazing things with some countries, has been crappy with others. You can say the same for Klinsmann, even Van Gaal.

My point is this: we haven’t seen enough of BR in a big stage to know if he will be a long-term manager for Liverpool FC. His long-term prospect looked really good last year, but even then, I thought it was premature for his name to be sung at Anfield. I have been really, really disappointed at him so far this season, but given Noel’s excellent point about no superior replacement in January, we have to stick with him and hope he turns this around.

So BR may be a great manager. Or not. But either way, let’s hope that he will focus on development and growth (rec for legendarywalton) of our squad to get the results in the coming months. That’s the only thing that’s keeping me sane every time I look at our line-up pre-match.

— rlkwon

AJ discovered spoilerception, which was mindblowing.

Staff Comment

Only Patience Will Get Liverpool Past Basel

there is patience and there is patience. if the majority of our patience in possession comes with the ball knocking sideways and backwards between our CBs, patience reaps us limited benefits. that sort of patient possession has to create gaps within their lines, coaxing them out of position with movement, and actual attacking intent to our play. then once those gaps appear, you gotta be able to strike with clinical execution, which is something that’s been obviously lacking.

so, patience is great, and i get where BR is going with it, but I’m also not seeing barcelona-esque tiki taka here in our quality of possession. if we gotta hit a by-line and whip a cross in with urgency for big slambert to go do his thing, then fuckin do that. if you gotta release a few shots from distance to get their defenders moving off their spaces, do that as well. this team is way too prone to sleepwalking for me to feel very confident in a patient gameplan. urgency, fire, competition. go for that quicksilver start that we trademarked last year.

— latortillablanca

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