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The Week in Comments: "REUS=TLO God"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

I don't understand this eating establishment.
I don't understand this eating establishment.
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Community Comments

Ludogorets vs. Liverpool: Preview, Team News, and Ways to Watch

In 2014, a crack unit of squad players was sent to the bench semi-permanently for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security physiotherapist’s room to the Anfield underground. If you have a problem... if no one else can help… and if you can find them… maybe you can hire… The B-Team.

(cue music)

— saintgrobian

Lambert Calls Criticism of Gerrard "Shocking"

That's just the thing
"After what he’s done for the club" is all that the people in favor of Gerrard seem to point to, rather than what he’s doing for the club. I’ll never downplay just how much Stevie G means to LFC (and to myself personally), but the blinders are so obvious here. No progress to be made unless management can honestly assess each player for current + future merit. Fine coming from a teammate of course, but I’m concerned that his opinion appears to be shared by the most influential people in the club.

— Kyle Neubeck

Pre-Ludogorets Overnight Open Thread

saintgrobian: Another anagram of LUDOGORETS
So maybe some of the players are taking Lallana’s whole "we need to stick together" thing just a touch literally.

Farce of Nature: No! The anagram for Ludogorets is

Liverpool 1, Stoke City 0: Rank the Performances

How does Johnson not top the list?
It’s a head scratcher.

— jack's complete lack of surprise

Liverpool 1, Stoke City 0: Signs of Life in Narrow Win at Anfield

Lesson of the day

It took 45’ to the midfield runners to understand that Lucas is plainly capable of keeping the house safe and that they don’t have to sacrifice their attacking aspirations for a nursing job! All of hendo, lucas and Allen respectively nearly scored the opener during the 2nd half and as Ed has pointed out, our midfielders came to life including Couty and Sterling who missed a clear cut chance after he nearly did all the job.

So btw nursing Gerrard as a DM and playing all attack like last year there’s a life in btw as long as the midfield runners believe in themselves.Bottom line, rest Gerrard and let the transition take place, oh please BR, it’s not Lucas vs Gerrard but it’s Couty/Lallana for 60-70’vs Gerrard for30’! Nuff said.

— Momo1

Brendan Rodgers Optimistic after Ludogorets Draw

Can I just take a minute and say that it’s great being here. Because if you’re like me and you found this place on your own, no one told you about it, no one recommend it, you didn’t see it written or typed somewhere, but you got here because of Liverpool Football Club and only Liverpool Football Club, you’ll know how sweet it is that it’s yours. Your thing.
And i believe that if LFC magically disappeared from existence there’d be a great many here that would find something else to talk about anyway. and that’s a damn community right there.
Big part of my day this place. Huge part. Couldn’t be more thankful.

Also, yeah, just as pissed, confused, obsessively enraptured as everyone else.

— thatsMatt, who likes you all very much

Staff Comment

Rumour Mongering: Klopp for the Kop

What about that Brendan Rodgers fella from last season?
He did amazing things with Liverpool, nearly won them the league.

— Chuck


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