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Vote: Liverpool's Starting Centre Backs vs. Chelsea

Everybody has their ideas on what they think Brendan Rodgers will do on Saturday, but we want to know what you hope that he does when it comes to the centre back pairing.

Jamie McDonald

Based on the season so far, many Liverpool fans assume that Kolo Toure's strong showing against Real Madrid won't count for much when it comes time for Brendan Rodgers to select a starting eleven for Chelsea. Right or wrong, Liverpool's manager has gained something of a reputation for stubbornly sticking with his favourite players.

Whether it's playing a 34-year-old Steven Gerrard 270 minutes in seven days or running out Raheem Sterling until his legs fall off, resistance to rotation has for Rodgers seemingly become a thing. And all signs so far this season point to £20M signing Dejan Lovren falling into the same category—a player with an unquestioned place in the starting eleven.

Last season, though, Rodgers showed a willingness—some would even say eagerness—to change up his back line, meaning it's not beyond the realm of possibility that we could see something unexpected on Saturday. Though what exactly that might mean is another question, and so we want to know how you hope things will shake out.

Putting aside what you think Rodgers will do, embrace the possibility of the unexpected and tell us what you want to see him do. Give the Sktrel-Toure pairing another go? Try out Toure-Lovren at the back to see if the veteran's presence can calm Lovren's wandering tendencies? Or do you want to see Skrtel-Lovren reinstated?

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