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Rest of Saturday Open Thread: Basking in the Afterglow Edition

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Liverpool are done for the day, but one more Premier League match and some other action to follow to see out the day.

Sergio Camacho/Getty Images

Winning shouldn't be this relieving, especially against Stoke, but it is today so let's just deal with it. Onto other things, which today means Chelsea and Sunderland in the Premier League kicking off right now, Malaga and Luis Alberto hosting Real Madrid in La Liga (7:00PM GMT/2:00PM EST), and the second leg of the Eastern Conference finals in MLS between New England Revolution and New York Red Bulls (8:00PM GMT/3:00PM EST), with the Revolution leading 2-1 on aggregate from the first leg.

For a full rundown of the day's games and viewing options visit LiveSoccerTV, and as a reminder, archived open threads can be found in the Sections menu at the top of every page.