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Lallana: "We Need to Stick Together"

Following a dire performance and loss to Crystal Palace, Adam Lallana wants to see the squad stick together. It will take more than that to turn Liverpool's season around.

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For the first ninety seconds, it appeared as though Liverpool might actually have fixed things. They started quick, they scored a goal, and for a moment it was possible to believe that Brendan Rodgers had found the answer and that the Liverpool of last season—or at least something not too far off that side—was back.

Then the rest of the match happened, Liverpool slumped to a miserable defeat to one of the worst teams in the league. By the end they were being passed around, shown up by Crystal Palace in the final minutes to the cheers of their hosts' fans. It was ugly, but if Liverpool can't dig their way out of the hole they're in, and quickly, things could get even worse in the coming weeks.

"It was disappointing, especially after going in front so early," Adam Lallana told the club's official website. "It was a great platform for us to push on and control the game. But we didn't do that—we take full responsibility for that. We need to stick together. It's as simple as that. When you're having a tough time as a team, you all need to stay together—you can't start becoming individuals."

Many would suggest it's not quite as simple as sticking together given Liverpool have looked an incoherent, dysfunctional side without a plan for much of the season. If their current hardships can drive them together, though, creating an us against the world mentality, that could be valuable as they attempt to salvage their European and league campaigns this week.

"We need to win to stay in the [Champions League], so the lads will be fighting for their lives to do that," he added. "It's important, not just for ourselves but for the fans, the manager, and everyone involved with Liverpool Football Club."

Sticking together rather than crumbling further would certainly help with that. It will take more than the players simply sticking together wanting it more, though. It will take better, smarter tactics. It will take playing the players who are performing and dropping those who aren't. Without that, it won't matter if the squad holds together.

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