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The Week in Comments: "Would he sit himself sometimes?"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Jordan Henderson Has "Minor Hamstring Injury"

He_Drinks_Sangria: Hendo had a falling out with LFC.
I’m not falling for this fucking "injured" hoax again!

tw10: They're tanking for the #1 pick

Daniel Sturridge Re-Injures Thigh in Training

Tom the red: I’m giving up my season ticket this year until Rodgers gets fucking sacked with all his fucking signings

Chief Ralphie the Red: Ooh sell it to me
keep it in the family

Sakho Looking to Inspire Off the Pitch as Well as On

Johnny Luken: Why sign Lovren when you have Sakho?

suleyman.gulasi: why sign Lovren when you have(had) Agger?

Noel: Why sign Lovren?

Rumour Mongering: Brendan Rodgers Sack Race Superstar

GunSaladin: Next rumour : Gerrard appointed as player-manager.

Balotelli's Mohawk: would he sit himself sometimes?

Crystal Palace 3, Liverpool 1: First Thoughts

maninblack: Is there a way we can blame Mario?

gaksital: He's a striker and he recorded no touches in the whole game
Remove Allen and Lallana: concede two goals, lose midfield and threat going forward.
Gerrard walking for second goal as his mark scores.
Surely BR can see these things.

— Shelvey's Goggles

Crystal Palace 3, Liverpool 1: Rank the Performances

Rank, the performances.
Yes, they were.

— Moldndecay, appropriately enough

Shippey had some thoughts on Steven Gerrard. rlkwon laid out some reasons why Liverpool may not be a top draw for players at the moment.

Staff Comment

Liverpool Reportedly Ready to Pay Lille £3m for Origi in January

i really think that, as fans, we overplay the extent to which LFC is a draw for that top shelf, established world star. When we signed him, Luis Suarez was close to going to Spuds, not Real Madrid. Daniel Sturridge was an underestimated talent with a bad reputation. Philippe Coutinho was unrealized potential. the closest thing we’ve come to signing a clear top-of-his-game talent recently is arguably Lallana, and he’s clearly not in the same transfer bracket as going after a cavani, or costa, or alexis.

we’ve seen time and again since FSG has been here that those top players straight up want to go to teams that have been in the CL year in, year out, and are challenging for their domestic titles, year in year out. this is why United were still able to attract falcao and di maria, et al – they have a recent, sustained track record of being a club on people’s lips and minds. We’re not that. We are building towards that in the right way, but we’re not that.

all that to say that i think we need to go after a cavani anyway, just to test the waters, but this idea that the transfer committee a.) is in anyway different from how any club operates in signing transfer targets or b.) is unwilling to sign a marquee, fan sating name doesn’t wash for me. we just operate in a weird almost-there niche transfer bracket, until we prove that last year wasn’t a fluke.

— latortillablanca

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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