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Sunday Open Thread: Picking Up the Pieces Edition

It's time to move on to bigger and better things, like putting all your energy toward disliking others and hoping they fail miserably at everything they do.

Alex Livesey

Get your backs up (and your clocks back too, depending on where you're living) early for the Manchester derby at the Etihad (1:30PM GMT/8:30PM EST), where City and United will face off in a match that could either be a pulse-check for the hosts or a signal of intent for the visitors. Probably neither in a 1-1 draw. Elsewhere Villa host Spurs in hopes of scoring their first goal in approximately forever (4:00PM GMT/11:00AM EST), and there's MLS playoffs as well as the other leagues around the continent to keep track of. Maybe another Iago Aspas hat-trick too!

Check out ESPNFC's live scores page for other matches the rest of the day, and LiveSoccerTV, which has a schedule along with live and repeat viewings on offer through legal providers. Check your local listings and the LiveSoccer schedule page to catch up, and feel free to talk about any and all of it below. Reminder that links to illegal streaming sites will be removed immediately and repeat offenders will be banned.

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