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Origi Open to January Liverpool Move

Liverpool's on loan striker is di-rocking the boat in France with his suggestion that he'd be incredibly amenable to a January transfer to his new club.

And he's even been to Liverpool already, albeit the blue half.
And he's even been to Liverpool already, albeit the blue half.
Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Liverpool's attacking problems are many, varied, and have been dissected ad nauseum since the sale of Luis Suarez to Barcelona. With Daniel Sturridge injured, Mario Balotelli not yet performing at the level many would hope, and Fabio Borini barely receiving minutes in spite of the troubles his two colleagues are facing, many Liverpool fans are holding on to a tiny bit of hope that Divock Origi might be recalled from Lille earlier than the two clubs had agreed when signing the striker.

"It is not me who makes the decisions," Origi said, "but if the club choose to let me go in January I would go. I would like to join Liverpool then. I said that I would stay for the whole season and I wish to remain honourable in that, of course, but if there was a decision by the clubs, I would not say that I would not like to go to Liverpool in January.

"I would love to move to Liverpool sooner rather than later. I am here at Lille, it is fine, they are a good club and they have helped me. But it is also frustrating. It is French football. I can’t wait to be playing in the Premier League because I can now see that it will suit me better."

Hilarious dig at Ligue 1 aside, it would probably suit Liverpool better too if the in-form striker were on Merseyside instead of France. The problem remains that a key component of the deal reached between Liverpool and Lille was that Origi would remain on loan on the continent for the entire season. At the time it seemed a great way to get a nineteen-year-old regular minutes, but with Liverpool's attack continuing to flounder, there's a palpable yearning to have the Belgian arrive sooner rather than later.

With Lille currently stuck in 14th place in Ligue 1, they're unlikely to want to give up a player who has scored three goals and two assists in eleven league appearances for them so far this season. Origi believes that Liverpool's attack will eventually click, and it's becoming hard to shake the feeling that he might be an integral part of making that happen. But first someone has to convince Lille of that.

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