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The Week in Search Terms: Does Javi Manquillo Have a Twin Brother?

People find their way to the Liverpool Offside using all kinds of search terms. Some of those terms can seem strange, unusual, or just in need of an answer. Here are a few of them.

Alex Livesey

manchester city woes continue

Well at least it's not just us, then.

brendan rodgers poor tactics vs real

The problem wasn't so much the tactics, which largely managed to contain Real and kept their shooting on the periphery where Liverpool's defenders had a better chance of either blocking a shot or pressuring the shooter into putting it wide, and where even if they didn't, it gave Simon Mignolet the best chance to make saves. The problem wasn't even that he dropped a slew of under-performing regulars in favour of the reserves.

The problem was when those reserves—who he loudly insisted weren't reserves while chastising anyone who said they were—solidly outperformed the players he'd given most of the minutes to this season only to be sent straight back to the bench against Chelsea. Doing that undercut his arguments that those players were more than reserves, and that his squad selection was based on merit and not name recognition or transfer fee.

It also undercut the arguments of any fan who had supported the changes he made against Madrid, making them look foolish for insisting he was making the tough call to drop under-performing stars when in the end, positive showing or not, he really was just resting his struggling starters and sending out a side he thought of as reserves.

sack rodgers

Despite all of the above, though, and the growing concerns about Rodgers' stubbornness, any manager who takes a club to second in the Premier League and arguably their strongest title challenge in two decades deserves more leeway than a month or two of poor results. Frustrations with Rodgers are more than fair at this stage, but calling for the manager to be sacked isn't.

when is sturridge coming back from injury


accam's razor

David Accam is a 24-year-old Ghanian footballer who plays for Helsinborg, mostly as a striker or attacking midfielder. In his two seasons with the Swedish top division side, Accam has scored 30 goals in 62 league appearances. He has never represented Ghana at the senior level, though he did join his national team once as an unused substitute. Also, I have no idea what Accam's Razor is. Or what brand Accam's razor might be, depending on.

does manquillo have a twin brother

He does have a twin brother, Victor Manquillo, who worked his way through the youth levels playing in front of Javi as a winger. Despite being twins, though, Javi's footballing prospects were always more highly rated, and when Victor was cut by Real Madrid in 2007, both twins headed across town to Atletico—which made their family and friends happy, given they had grown up in an Atleti neighbourhood. Victor currently plies his trade for Rayo Vallecano B in the third tier of Spanish football.

best left fullback in the world

Is Philipp Lahm still a left fullback?

raheem sterling to win golden boy award

Probably. Though either way I feel dirty every time I type "Golden Boy." I mean, they couldn't have given it some other similarly daft but less vaguely horrifying title? Like, I don't know, the "Super Starlet" or the "Ballon d'Or, Jr." or the "Real Madrid's Next Big Money Signing"?

newcastle united

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