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The Week in Comments: "Manquillo not Mankini!"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Alex Livesey

Community Comments

Real Madrid vs. Liverpool: Match Preview, Team News, and Ways to Watch

I know ETW etc and stuff and stuff etc

The trepidation before games like this leaves me feeling pretty excited.

It’s been frustrating that there really doesn’t seem to be any progress in the performances yet this season (which was a saving grace in Rodgers’ early tenure).
I also get that comparrisons to last seasons "over-achievments" are inevitable and that this has smashed a lot of rose tinted glasses.
But honestly, the only thing that has left me drepressed (so far) this season is the doom and gloom among a lot of supporters.
This is probably the best site I’ve ever come across for maintaining a level of balance during the highs and lows but dear Mother of Dragons are comments sections elsewhere getting dire.

That’s why I say bring on Real Madrid without any fear, shame or embarrassment of what has been or what could be.
This is what we wanted. To compete against the best teams in Europe and see where we stand.
Now that we are starting to see where exactly that is, some seem to want to look away.
Well I say NO MORE!
We stand, we fight, we cheer, we cry, we squirm, rejoice and agonise.
Lets enjoy the ride (and hope for the love of all that is sacred that we get two up top tomorrow).

Have fun shouting at your telly peeps.

— Aggerdoo

Real Madrid 1, Liverpool 0: First Thoughts

Most of us here dislike Liverpool right now too, so you're fitting in well

— Charlottes Webster, to a visiting Chelsea fan

Real Madrid 1, Liverpool 0: A Respectable Loss is Still a Loss

Its worth noting that with the exception of Lucas and Skrtel, the entire starting XI were brought in under BR, and they held their own with the best team in the world.

— stugots05

Rodgers: Liverpool Do Not "Have Guaranteed Starters"

Damn right!

Here’s a bloke that gets beaten with Mr. Sanchez’ old dead horse flogging stick because of a lack of rotation or an eagerness to look the other way when he’s so called favourites continually get selected.

And so what does he do? After what was the absolute worst performances under Rodgers, he rings in the changes and guess what folks people then call him out for making too many changes.

It ludicrous that there are people all too willing to forget what came out of their own mouths whenever the narrative does not suit their argument and oh how easy it is for them to flip flop to a completely new argument because in reality all thry care about is being proven right about how Rodgers isn’t the right choice as manager.

For the record, the team performed 157% better than what we saw on the weekend.

— Nebhamoo
When I heard the outrage last night you would have thought BR had picked a bunch of 15 year olds from the academy.

Well Toure was at least as good as anything Lovren has done this season. Lucas glued the midfield together in a way that Gerrard can’t from that deep position and Borini’s movement (if we must play a 4-3-3) was probably a better bet than Balotelli.

We still played a front 3 who cost over £50 million between them so it was hardly nobodies playing!

Whether or not you agree with the manager on what he did one thing you can’t dispute is that it was a brave call. If we lose against Chelsea he will get a lot of abuse (some deserved, a lot way over the top). But if we win against Chelsea, well all of a sudden things are looking a lot better.

What a lot of fans who criticise Rodgers haven’t realised is that all Gerrard did when he came on is hit aimless balls to an isolated (and tired by then) Borini. Sterling also looked a bit off his game when he came on – as he has done in recent weeks. Would Lovren have played any better than Toure?

A lot of the changes were justified. I just wish that Brendan would be extra brave and "rest" Gerrard this weekend and maybe play the diamond that could be the key to getting the best out of Balotelli.

Off topic a bit but have to say Mignolet was fantastic last night. He has had a lot of stick (some fair, and a lot which is over the top) but he was commanding and pulled off 2-3 excellent saves last night. Hopefully this was the game where he turns a corner and gets his confidence back again.

Against Chelsea I would like to see.

Mankini Skrtel Toure Moreno
Hendo Can
Balo Borini

Leave Sterling, Lallana and Gerrard on the bench and they can always come on in the last 25 minutes if we need a goal.
Manquillo not Mankini!
That is a bad autocorrect!

— Luis Suarez Dentist

Rumour Mongering: Steven Gerrard to Toronto FC Because Everyone Loves a Trainwreck

"Is this match being broadcast in 3D?"
"Nope, we’re as one dimensional as we were last week."

— saintgrobian

Vote: Liverpool's Starting Centre Backs vs. Chelsea

Sakho and Agger

— He_Drinks_Sangria

Liverpool 1, Chelsea 2: First Thoughts

We have enough genuine quality to build a top team around

Sturridge, Sterling, Can, Balotelli, Coutinho, Lucas, Moreno.

Sort it out Rodgers.

— Johnny Luken

Rodgers Understands "A Wee Bit Of Frustration"

I thought 'a wee bit' meant a little?

— wolf-in-wolf's-clothing

Staff Comment

Rodgers Growing Tired of "Giving Players More Time"

Sturridge: (n)
a talented but oft injured individual on whom others pin all of their unrealistic hopes and dreams. see also: DRose

— Steph

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