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The Week in Comments: "How did a player like this develop in England?"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Clive Brunskill

Community Comments

FC Basel v. Liverpool: Team News, Ways to Watch, and Preview

Really bad news

Sad to see that Sakho has strained his relationship muscle. Strained relationships can be fickle things to heal.

If we do see Coutinho rather than a second striker tomorrow, it would be a really convenient time for him to find some form. We’re a long way away from "must win" territory, but some points in this match would go a long way.

— nihil in moderato

Basel 1, Liverpool 0: Rank the Performances

We need to fire manager Tim Sherwood and move in another direction.

— onolex

Mignolet Rejects Pressure Talk

maninblack: As an ardent supporter of Waffles there’s no doubt he needs to be better.

Fowler's Fitness Routine: As an ardent supporter of Waffles there’s no doubt he needs to be better batter. FTFY.

The Alienation of Mamadou Sakho, or How Agger Wasn't the Only CB to Lose This Summer

I don't think Rodgers realises
just how many season I have been trying to buy Sakho on fm...

— Haughmill

Rodgers' "Calculated Risk" on Balotelli

The problem many, including I, have had with Rodgers is...

He shouldn’t be judged on the rough patches, but he should absolutely be judged on how he deals with those rough patches. I say this as a Rodgers supporter from day dot, but his response to this particular rough patch has just been to throw the same shit out week after week and hoping for a different outcome. He hasn’t made any concerted changes and has turned on and alienated some of the players that could be helping him out. He comes across as a man under pressure, and I’m not entirely convinced that he’s dealing with that pressure right now. Does that make me fickle? Was I fickle when I was backing him to the hilt in 2012 when everybody else was calling him an amateur coach?

That said, he gets a free pass for me this season. There absolutely should not be any talk of sacking him before June, and even then, it should only be open to debate if we’ve finished 6th or 7th or 8th.

— Nerf

Liverpool v. West Bromwich Albion: Team News, Ways to Watch, and Preview


— saintgrobian
Animesh_lfc: I'm a gamer
And I never play anyone whose energy bar isn’t full.
And trust me , I have won every competition , from the capital one cup to the champions league , I’ve ever played ; brendan has won none .

MichaeLFC: At this point, I’m surprised Brenden hasn’t gone back and replayed the save.

Watch: Adam Lallana v. West Bromwich Albion

How did a player like this develop in England?

He seems completely unshackled mentally… Somehow this cat made it through the grind of English football and kept his creativity and vision intact. I can only imagine the times he was told to "put his foot through the ball", "put in the cross", or had his "engine" questioned.

Just an absolute joy to watch. He obviously doesn’t have the devastatingly clinical nature of Suarez, but he definitely shows the joy of football in his play. My first watch didn’t allow me to truly enjoy the performance (probably because my head was in my hands watching our shambolic defense), so thank you for spotlighting him!

— legendarywalton

Rodgers Full of Praise for Midfield Duo

Two overhyped, overpriced, English biased, non-Champions League caliber midfielders

Good enough for me.

— Chief Ralphie the Red

AJ had some thoughts on Liverpool's transfer record under Brendan Rodgers. There was a herbs and spices pun train.

Gif of the Week

(via Noel)


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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