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The Week in Search Terms: How Do Liverpool Fix the Defence?

People find their way to the Liverpool Offside using all kinds of search terms. Some of those terms can seem strange, unusual, or just in need of an answer. Here are a few of them.

Mike Hewitt

balotelli stats shots

So far this season, Mario Balotelli's scored two goals on 48 shots, which is a goal every 24 shots or 4.2% of the time. In case you were wondering, this isn't a very good strike rate for a striker, and is roughly a fifth what one would hope for from the man tasked with leading the line—for comparison, Daniel Sturridge scored 21.2% of the time last season. If Balotelli had scored at that rate, he'd have 10 goals this year; if Sturridge had scored at Balotelli's rate, he'd have netted four to five goals last season.

The upside is that even the best strikers tend to run hot and cold. In his limited time, Sturridge himself has only managed a goal on 20 shots this season—a 5% strike rate. The downside is that throughout his career, Balotelli has typically had a strike rate below 10% from open play. Unless he suddenly blossoms as a finisher, then, he's never going to be mistaken for clinical. And so in the end, Rodgers—and the fans—need to accept him for what he is rather than being disappointed he isn't a player the club should have known he wasn't going in.

suarez news


best fullback from liverpool football club

It may seem a touch early, but on current form the only answer is Alberto Moreno, who has rather quickly made left back—for years the club's problem position—the one defensive spot that is inarguably sorted and settled. On the other side, Javi Manquillo shows immense promise but isn't nearly as developed, while Glen Johnson at his best remains a top fullbacks—but the times he's been at his best over the past year can be counted on one hand.

big name player lined up very soon


best player in september for liverpool

At the end of each month, we take our individual match rankings and use the results to poll Liverpool Offside readers on the best player that month. In September, there was a clear top three of Raheem Sterling, Alberto Moreno, and Jordan Henderson, and the young attacker narrowly edged out his teammates to be named player of the month.

coutinho should start

Probably. After all, he's been the best Liverpool player in spot duty over the past few weeks. On the other hand, Adam Lallana likely deserves to start, too. While Brendan Rodgers has so far seemed largely resistant to putting them both out on the pitch at the same time, this seems like the time he should really take heed of our favourite tidbit of ancient wisdom…


liverpool playing style

I don't even know any more.

does steven gerrard play with both legs or one

We double checked just to be certain, and Steven Gerrard in fact does play with two legs. Comes in quite handy for not falling over when he's running.

how do liverpool fix the defence

Since Brendan Rodgers arrived, the club have deployed multiple formations, players, and tactical approaches. And it doesn't seem as though it particularly matters who the centre halves are, who the defensive midfielders are, or what the overall attacking team balance or tactics are. Inevitably things will at some point go hilariously wrong. At some stage, you stop blaming players and systems and start looking at the defensive coaching. Either that or you try turning it off and on again.

the tardis

Is bigger on the inside?

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