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The Week In Comments: "We'll Get There"

The queen of comments is away, so the staff will play.

Alex Livesey

Community Comments

Liverpool 0, Real Madrid 3 Match Report: Misery at Anfield

It was encouraging to see the team shoot out of the gates with energy and pressing and an attacking verve reminiscent of some of the brighter starts from last season. After watching Real weather the storm without giving up a goal or even really allowing a dangerous chance, I had a good idea that the scoreline wouldn’t be flattering. We’re not built to play out 0-0 draws, especially against a team that can beat you even when you’re not making mistakes. And make mistakes we did.

We’re still alive in the CL group so that’s nice, but more importantly for my sanity is keeping the perspective that we’re not in a battle with Real Madrid for 4th place in the league. We don’t need to be worldbeaters, just 5th-best-team-in-the-PL-beaters. We punted any realistic chance of competing for big silverware at least a year down the road with our business this past summer, and that’s fine as long as we can get on track to eventually getting back to the level we previously achieved.

Lallana looks like a threat almost every time he’s on the pitch. Sterling’s getting a crash course in being a marked man this year, and his output is showing it, but he’ll come through it stronger and will really benefit as much as anyone when Studge comes back. Markovic has a ton of work to do, but hey, he’s 20. If Can reaches his potential our midfield is going to be serious business; you can see flashes from him, but they’re kind of intermittent. Mario I thought played pretty well, but the offensive ecosystem is kind of a mess through and through for the team at the moment, not much movement going on from anyone once the ball gets into the final third — few players looking to pick him out, few players available for him to pick out. Some of that is players needing to mesh (although the clock is ticking on that excuse), some is coaching, some is guys just underperforming.

We’ll get there. We’re very obviously not there yet now, but we’ll get there.
— nihil in moderato

Balotelli Under Investigation For Threatening Fan

Thank God
we have world class defenders to represent him in court.
— Petsen2
Unless there's a cross examination
Our defense sucks at handling those.
— wolf-in-wolf's-clothing

Gerrard: "I Would Have Regretted it More if I'd Left Liverpool"

And here I thought the cause of the teething problems had left...
— Chief Ralphie the Red
And this is why we love you Oh Captain, my captain!
— jeremy.wyenberg

Liverpool vs. Real Madrid: Match Preview

If you're not willing to get fired over Liverpool
What ARE you willing to get fired over?
— kingofzachland

Chief Ralphie had a fun list of alternative club names to share. A Real Madrid fan swung by and showed appreciation for Liverpool's performance in the Champions League. Clownshoes became a thing.

Staff Comment

No Place Like Home

If [Arbeloa] thought the home team dressing room was quaint
Wait until he sees the away team dressing room!
— Elizabeth L
- If it takes her not being around to get one of Elizabeth's golden comments in there, then that's what it takes!


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Community Notes

  • Welcome to our delurkers for the week. Apologies, but tracking new arrivals was not possible this week. Still, welcome, and we hope you enjoy your stay!
  • Our fearless comment leader isn't here tonight because she's off gallivanting about and having fun. This includes Nerf buying a Joe Allen picture and the two of them going to a match at Anfield. Totally not jealous. At all. Nope.
  • PeterRed penned a review of the season so far.

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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