Liz and Nerf's Excellent Adventure

In the not too distant past, our dear friend Nerf posted a photo of himself in his infamous Tapout shirt. Ed countered with the fact that this photo could not be real because there was no framed photo of Joe Allen included. We have remedied this!

Inexplicably relegated to the discount section of the club store, we discovered the most precious get of them all: a framed holographic photo of wee Joe Allen. Happiness could be yours for only £5!


As fanposts require a minimum of one-hundred and fifty words, allow me to share with you the rest of our plans for today. We will be going up to Anfield in approximately one hour, and we're hoping to catch the team bus as it arrives at the stadium. This is Nerf's first time to Anfield and so we're going to make it magical! WE LOVE YOU WEE JOE!!!!!!!

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