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Pre-Hull City Overnight Open Thread

Five questions to pass the time as we wait for kickoff from Anfield.

Clive Brunskill

1) Which permutation of fullbacks will we see? Johnson/Enrique? Johnson/Moreno? Manquillo/Enrique? Manquillo/Moreno? Something else entirely?

2) Will Steven Gerrard be rested instead of playing his third match in seven days? (Sub-question: Hahahalsfdlkasjdf?!?!?!)

3) Jordan Henderson, Joe Allen, Emre Can: who starts, who rides the bench?

4) Will we see Adam Lallana in an attacking role, having started on the bench versus Real Madrid?

5) Final score?

Bonus: Hull's owner, Assem Allam, is a delightfully forward-thinking, brand-conscious owner who has been trying in vain to get both fans and the Premier League to accept the renaming of his team to Hull City Tigers. He has his reasons:

"In a few years many clubs will follow and change their names to something more interesting and I will have proved I am a leader - remember this discussion. City, Town, County: these are meaningless. In marketing the shorter the name the more powerful - think of Coca Cola, Twitter, Apple. By next year I will change the name to Hull Tigers. If I were the owner of Manchester City I would change the name to Manchester Hunter - you need power. In time I would suggest names for all the clubs called City, but I do not have the time."

He may not have the time, but we do! If you had to rename all the Premier League teams in the spirit in which Allam would like to do it, what would their new names be? Be aware that it will be hard to top Manchester Hunter.

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