The season so far, a PeterRed view

Right, having been without internet for a while, I have been unable to bore you all with my opinions of issues as they arise, so here they are in all their glory. I've seen a lot of knee jerk reactions to a lot of things over many platforms, so hopefully this goes some way to redressing the balance. Naturally, if you disagree i invite debate, and if we reach no conclusion I shall start a new page in my Burn Book, jokes, probably. So fire away any criticisms or complains.

Dejan Lovren

A player we spent an awful lot of money on Lovren has been heavily under the spotlight from day one, and to a large extent seems dazzled by it. That said he has somewhat been saddled by his price tag, which is no fault of his. He has also come from a system which acknowledges defence to one where center backs are merely there to make the numbers up and give fullbacks someone to chat to at kick off. I love his enthusiasm for the club but ultimately feel a rest for Sakho may be of benifit. I feel that with a little less pressure and more support from midfield he could be a decent defender in a rotation though, albeit a very expensive one!

Glen Johnson

My biggest issue with Glen is that he's not Manquillo, but realistically he's been on the decline for a while. Technically he's still ok, bar the whole cutting in and firing wide thing but his desire seems to be waning. If flanno is back fit, it may be wise to wave goodbye in January for a small fee if possible, if not, i think next summer is time.

Mario Balotelli

The man, the enigma. I still have a lot of hope for Balo, I feel he is operating under too much pressure and with too little support to be fairly judged. I will concede that he does appear like he could put more effort in. But we always knew thats what we were getting, and I sense hes not the sort of person to be motivated into putting effort in by staunch criticism. With the unfortunate Sturridge injury Balo has been cast as the main man, the Suarez replacement, the source for all goals. Exactly what his agent had said he needed not to be when he moved. I think Balotelli has a lot to offer and when the lights off him a bit, will offer it, for now, its painful to watch but strongly believe that a goal will lift a lot and get him firing a little more regularly. I appreciate at this point, its all conjecture though.

Steven Gerrard

Any negative talk about our captain makes me uncomfortable, for as long as I have supported Liverpool he pretty much has been Liverpool. His loyalty and drive are admirable in this day and age, and he'll always be a favourite of mine. But, there is a problem. I think, for now, simply resting him more relieves the problem, there are games he can still influence and matches he can still win, but there needs to be other options. Its sad, but we can't solely rely on him anymore. Yet you know each defeat, each poor performance hurts him and its a matter of him and Brendan working out the best times to play and rest.

Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers in no way deserves to be sacked. Period. There must be questions though. Questions surrounding the continued attempts to push Balo into a square hole, the lack of midfield and the defence. That said, how much of it is his fault? The personnel he puts out should blow a lot of teams away, are they not performing? is he confusing them? Failing to motivate them? Either way, I have faith that he is the man to get them back on track, there was always going to be a change in system when Suarez left so is a matter of that bedding in and hopefully we kick on from there. He's earnt the right to be criticised, but he's also earnt our respect,

The Good.

We're 5th, which can't be right, but hey, lets not grumble. A rest seems to have done Coutinho good, hopefully he pushes on from here! Dodgy moments aside Hendo has been really good again this season, always wonderful to reflect on how far he has come since trying to be pushed out. Moreno is adorable and awesome and our 1st choice fullbacks are no longer quite such the issue they were! The season is still early, there is much that can happen yet, and much positivity to be enjoyed!

I finish with a plea. The club anthem is You'll Never Walk Alone. No place reflects this better than here, it is one of the best communities Ive ever come across, credit to the mods for that, and tot he community that make it so fun to communicate with. Recently though there seems to be a lot of negativity and sniping. Remember the motto, the players never walk alone, analyse and criticise sure, but support. Your fellow community members never walk alone, remember that next time you are about to dig at someone or cross a line. I really missed here when I had no internet, the place is brighter for having it, so lets try and keep it fun? So lets be friendy, critical and positive. There's so much more to happen this season so lets meet the good and bad as a community.

Anyhow, thats me, fire away with any criticism, I hope ive managed to show there's still a lot to be hopeful about!

YNWA people!


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