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Pre-Real Madrid Overnight Open Thread

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Five questions to pass the time as we wait for kickoff from Anfield.

Insert your own "Kroos control" joke here.
Insert your own "Kroos control" joke here.
Denis Doyle

1) It has to be Martin Skrtel and Dejan Lovren, right?

2) Was wee Joe Allen used as a substitute on Sunday so that he could be used as a starter in this match?

3) Who comprises the diminutive group of attacking midfielders and/or wingers who will (hopefully!) assist in the goal scoring?

4) Will there be a dubious refereeing call, and if so what will it be?

5) Which will be higher: the cumulative scoreline or the number of substitutions Brendan Rodgers uses?

Bonus: If you could choose one player to sign immediately from Real Madrid without having to worry about transfer fees, wage packets, or cup tied-ness, who would it be and why?