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The Week in Comments: "The "No Pants" Stand!!!"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Clive Brunskill

Community Comments

Marsh, Verheijen: Jurassic Hodgson Can't Suppress 35 Years of Translated Methods

God creates dinosaurs.
God destroys dinosaurs.
God creates man.
Man destroys God.
Man creates Hodgson.
Hodgson destroys Liverpool.
Woman inherits the earth.

— Ignignokt

Giving Thanks

I would like to thank Felliani who played a big part in helping me sabotage United from the inside

— Agent moyes

Suarez Leaves Skrtel With a Few Rude Words of Wisdom

Just keep calling him "Fred".

— saintgrobian

Liverpool Consider Selling Naming Rights to Refurbished Main Stand at Anfield

Chief Ralphie the Red: For only a dollar a day, you can help TLO rename the Main Stand but I’m not sure the club will be OK with the no pants requirement.

treetrunks: The "No Pants" Stand!!!

Alberto Moreno Fit to Face QPR Despite Missing Spain Match

Hurray! Someone I didn't know might be injured isn't injured!

— Chief Ralphie the Red

Alberto Moreno Fit to Face QPR Despite Missing Spain Match

This is why Mignolet seriously needs to go.

He’s always getting scored on and almost NEVER scores goals for himself.

— He_Drinks_Sangria

Rumour Mongering: Edinson Cavani Redux

Keys to writing a British transfer rumour

1. Find a connection to said player and said team that aren’t correlated.
(Suarez is a Uruguayan striker, Cavani is a Uruguayan striker)

2. Use quotes out of context to jump to nonsensical conclusions.
(Rogers says "Balotelli needs to score more" = Liverpool are looking for a new striker to replace Balotelli)

3. Write story connecting those non-correlated connections and nonsensical conclusions.
(Liverpool need a striker to replace Balotelli, they like Urugayan strikers because of Suarez, so they will sign Cavani)

4. Profit

— Jtizzy21

QPR 2, Liverpool 3: First Thoughts

We should be done blaming individuals at this point

This team seems to lack an identity. Are we pressing, counterattacking, possesion based, etc.? I don’t care who is starting, they don’t really seem to have a game plan.

You have one or two players pressing and everyone else standing around. 2 players breaking and everyone else jogging. The 2 CBs passing back and forth, players making back runs and not getting the ball soon enough. Tons of slow decision making all over the place. Tells me they really don’t know what they should be doing or Brendan’s instructions are just too much for them to handle.

— Mr. Beardpower
Agent moyes: Can you imagine Ramos and Ronaldo in the air against this defence that is a fucking scary thought

kingofzachland: We don't have to imagine it
We have the joy of watching it on Wednesday.

Luis Suarez Dentist had some positive thoughts on his namesake. ejbauer had all the feels for Stevie.

Staff Comment

QPR v. Liverpool: Match Preview, Team News, and Ways to Watch

we are a CL team again.
what proper CL teams do with these sorts of games is take care of business. you throw a couple studs together with some rotational pieces, and returning injuries and you take care of that there bizness. it does not matter that the injury list is too damn long, or that the demands on these players are too damn high – you take care of business. you, Lazar, and you, Adam, and you, Mario – you take care of business. You take a free kick, and you put that free kick right where it needs to be, Steven. You stop that swerving wildcard of a shot, Simon, cos it’s take care of business time. We cannot afford to piss around here, we cannot feel sorry for ourselves. Sturridge is down – we have Italy’s starting CF from the World Cup in our line flanked by two of the best attacking talents England has produced in years. Take care of that muhfuggin bidness, cos guess what… we got los blancos comin up, and twinkle toes didn’t seem to be in too gracious a mood today. neither did isco. neither did james.

— latortillablanca


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Community Notes

  • Welcome to delurkers cakubueze1 and stephenO. Apologies if I missed anyone!
  • AJ had a follow up to his debut post on the Liverpool Detective Agency.
  • Johnny Luken has some thoughts on literally doing a Spurs.

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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