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The Week in Comments: "TL;DR: HE’S ONLY EFFING 20"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Clive Brunskill

Community Comments

Markovic: "I Just Need a Little Bit More Time"

When appealing for more time, make sure you mention the fans, Anfield, and Steven Gerrard. Can’t go wrong.

Of course he needs more time and he should get more time. I can appreciate the sentiment, but he shouldn’t have to say this.

— Chief Ralphie the Red
As Chief noted above...

I’m mostly...uh…disappointed?...I dunno...the word that isn’t TOTALLY disappointed but also encapsulates being perturbed and exasperated…so…pertasperpointed. I’m pertasperpointed that he actually has to come out and express this as, at 20, he’s ahead of the curve when it comes to the vast majority of footballers. Liverpool are a big club, etc. but the point stands: as far as young players go, I am often left after viewing Lazar’s performances with a sense that as he finds his footing, his quality in terms of vision and skill will set him a part.


— aj.joven.7

Henderson: "It Will Come"

JohnBarnesLeftThigh: Henderson is awesome. I do have one worry about him and (forgive me for this maybe it’s paranoia with my own scare recently) but is Henderson starting to go …bald …at the back? It’s just me right?

Henderson'sHair: Woah. Excuse me?

Liverpool Lose Another International to Injury

I told my girlfriend this was gonna happen.
It was on the phone cause she was flying to a photo shoot. She’s a model.
You guys don’t know her.

— Ignignokt
Sakho will be back
The relationship muscle heals incredibly quickly.

— Ian9

Emre Can Ready for QPR Return After Extended Injury Layoff

On the way to save the motherfuckin’ day, yeah.

— kingofzachland

Brendan Rodgers Has Some Decisions to Make



— saintgrobian

Glen Johnson Contract Talks "Quiet" but Open to Euro Move in January

I don't think Johnson deserves the vitriol he receives...

...he played a lot over the past few years through injuries and fatigue because there were no other options. He played a lot out of position as well. He’s put in his service and has never complained or caused trouble, and didn’t abandon the squad when he surely could have. When he’s fit and rested he’s probably still our best right back. I’m not sure it’s a good bet to extend him at high wages for another 2-3 years, since the age curve for FBs is harsh, but I have no ill will towards him at all.

— kindred

Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Lead Chase for Promising Young Midfielder

Curz: Just what we need to turn things around, another teenager

Nerf: It's not like our best player is a teenager or anything. FSG OUT!

Lazar Markovic Taken Off Early in Serbia Match Due to Injury

As a Canadian, international football has literally only ever disappointed me.

— Charlottes Webster, who is not wrong but maybe needs to shift allegiances to the Canadian WNT!
All the profanity.

— KroosDeu

we finished 2nd in the most competitive league in the world in his second season, losing the title arguably because

of one slip and one red card. how is that not impressive?

...and the whole "lost suarez" angle rubs me the wrong way. we sold his ass after he continued to make a mockery of this club with his boneheaded actions. ciao. we have a sensational squad now, and it’s only going to get better, as we continue to rake in funds, expand the stadium, etc, etc. Neb’s right – blue skies. Or red, rather.

— latortillablanca

Rumour Mongering: Valdes to be Given Liverpool Trial

"absurd gary neville assertion" – future username. delurkers take note.

— max-o

Staff Comment

Liverpool Lose Another International to Injury

The last paragraph is horrifying

Imagine those two going up against Real Madrid’s attack with Steven Gerrard in front of them.

Actually think we’d be okay for the rest of the matches in October, presuming that Lovren will miss two months and Sakho returns later this month.

— Chuck


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Community Notes

  • Welcome to delurkers SunriSes and CrocodileSeanDundee. Apologies if I missed anyone!
  • peter.r discussed Liverpool's best XI.
  • FoxElipsus had some results of the weekly predictions game and updates about how the game will work moving forward.

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