Predictions Game (Lawro, Premier League, World Cup) - Final Results for 2014, plus Interviews - if you played the game, please check this out!

Hi everyone,

This is particularly for the attention of Quicksloth, CStars, TwoRonnies, Conor Dowley, Hammad Kimi, Bjorn Hof, Pretzalz, and anyone else who ever played the prediction games I posted here, or who would like to play them.

First things first: I am no longer posting the prediction games here on Liverpool Offside just because the format wasn't working well... I wanted to keep it all on one post, but the only way it worked was for me to do a new post every week, and that was filling the site up with new prediction fanposts. This season I tried to keep it all on one fanpost... we had lots of entries for the first week, but nobody entered the second or third week.

However you are still ALL very welcome to play. Not just those of you who have played before, but those of you who would like to give it a go. The best way for you to play is probably by e-mail. Please send me an e-mail to and you will immediately start getting my weekly predictions emails. You will get double points for 7 weeks in the Prem to make up for missing the first 7 weeks of the season.

Another way you can play is on the Official LFC Forums, where a girl I know posts the same game. I prefer that you email me and play through my e-mail group since I'll be responsible for your tallies and updates, but if you prefer to play on the LFC Forum, go and jump right in!

Here is the link to the current season predictions thread on the LFC Forum:

And here is a link to last season's predictions thread on the LFC Forums, which contains all of the results (overall, not O-only).

Note: the results begin on page 35 and go all the way to page 38.

The results for this format only (Liverpool Offside only) are posted below. At the very bottom are a few interviews for our winners. Please, if you are one of the winners, fill the interview out in your own time and post it as a comment on this fanpost.

And don't forget to please email me asap at if you'd like to continue playing this game. Or, go to the official LFC forums and play at the 2014-15 thread above.



Premier League - Liverpool Offside Players only (O-format Only)
Final Standings

Premier League Champion - TwoRonnies O 260
Runner Up - Quicksloth O 258
Bronze Medal - CStars O 248
4th Place - Conor Dowley O 221

The Rest:
Celebs 188
Bjornhof O 147
Brother Jon O 137
Ch@os O 103
pretzalz O 62
Ed O 62
usmc reds O 48
Wides O 40
LFCtillIDie O 30
Johnny Luken O 22
sacman701 O 20
LeJclair O 19
DasBoot_8 O 18
RedFlood O 17
PhoenixTears O, nimple O, hammad.kimi O 16
D97 O, Liberecak O 8
Keats O 4

So after a long battle all season long, Ronnies managed to pip Quicksloth to the post to become the O-format Premier League Champion. Since this was the only season that we're going to do this game on this format, it writes Ronnies into the history books as the only ever winner here on this format, so well done to him, but very well done also to Quicksloth who pushed him all the way, and of course to CStars and Conor who mopped up the crucial Champions League spots.

In the overall standings (which you can see on the LFC Forum link to last season's predictions that I pasted up above, on page 35), you'll notice that TwoRonnies finished 21st overall and Quicksloth 23rd. Fox (me) and Lawro had to be removed from the game because they were too far ahead, mainly because they entered every week. They finished 3rd and 5th overall respectively.

The overall winner was Karma from F format (my email group), who had led all season, and Brontus from L format (LFC Forums), who tied Karma on the final day of the season, miraculously. Karma's win is a victory for females because 95% of the players are male.


2014 FA Cup Final Standings (O-only)

Winner - TwoRonnies O 216
Runner Up - Quicksloth O 215
Conor Dowley O 211
Lawro 92
CStars O 64
Celebs C 63
bjorn hof O 16
hammad.kimi O 11

TwoRonnies picks up his second trophy of the season, and yet again he only wins it by a hair, ahead of Quicksloth. Absolutely brilliant performance by those two, with a very honourable mention to Conor Dowley who managed to finish just 5 points off top spot.

Ronnies has done the domestic double in the only season ever to be played of this game here on O. He is a true legend.

Please note, in the overall standings, Ronnies finished 8th, Quicksloth finished 9th, and Conor finished 10th. Nobody had to be removed from this game in order for you guys to get the win... lol. The overall winner was Topper from the L format (LFC forums), who miraculously won the FA Cup for the third year in a row.

The last man standing competition was won by NYCLFCFanTheReturn from L format and Matteborn from X format, who tied in the final and shared the trophy.

Final Standings 2014 - O format only

Europa League Winner - Quicksloth O 86
Runner Up - TwoRonnies O 84
Fox 74
Conor Dowley O 73
hammad.kimi O 48
CStars O 16
bjorn hof O 14
LFCtillIDie O 12

The bizarre close calls between our two superstars on this format continue, only this time it's Quicksloth's trophy, as he adds it to his League Cup win earlier in the season and rides off into the sunset with two glorious shiny trophies. He won it by a mere 2 points, which again is incredible that it seems like these two are only separated by 1 or 2 points in every competition.

Overall, Quicksloth finished 13th and Ronnies came in 15th. The overall winner was Stefan from the F format who also had the most overall round wins of anyone on any format, this season.

Final Standings 2014 - O-only

Champions League Winner - Quicksloth O 44 Runner Up - Fox 36 TwoRonnies O 34 Conor Dowley O 28 hammad.kimi O 19 CStars O 15 bjorn hof O 7 LFCtillIDie O 6
In the first competition which is not won by a tiny margin, Quicksloth blows away the competition to take home the Champions League title. What a brilliant result for him, winning the competition to end all competitions and doing it in some style, too. Since I didn't manage to win it, I included myself in the table... haha. And got a runners up spot. Ronnies as always was right up there too.

A really brilliant achievement this time from Quicksloth, who actually finished 2nd overall, so he came the closest to winning a competition across all formats. However he was 11 points behind the winner CTA84 from the L format, who wins the competition - somehow - for the second year running.


(That's what she said)
TwoRonnies may have won only 2 trophies to Quicksloth's three... so far. But TwoRonnies was to have the last laugh. And what a loud laugh it was.

Nobody from O has ever won an overall trophy of course, which goes to the highest scorer across all 6 formats (F, O, X, B, L and C). Most trophies have gone to F and L, with the odd exception going to X format. But everything changed in the Last Man Standing Champions League competition.

Let's read the full story:

There's only one trophy left to award, and it's the Last Man Standing for the Champions League 2014... so let's see who won it!

LMS Champions League Final

Stefan F v TwoRonnies O v Mason F v Zinedine5Zidane X

Stefan has been winning trophies for fun lately, and he made it all the way to yet another European final. After winning the overall Europa League and being defeated in the LMS Europa final, he finds himself in the LMS Champions League final too... will it be second time lucky for him? The O format will no longer exist in coming seasons due to lack of participation, so the fact that TwoRonnies made it all the way to the final of this LMS is a real turn up for the books. If O is ever going to make a mark on our game it has to be now. Can TwoRonnies hold his nerve and write the O format into the history books with a trophy win? Mason had a mixed season but he could win a trophy at the end of it if he manages to surpass his three rivals. He's an American living in the UK, in Sheffield, so it would be yet another American win if he wins it. And the X format has already managed a victory this season (Matteborn) in the LMS FA Cup, but can they pick up 2 of the 4 LMS trophies? It's all up to Zinedine5Zidane. The pressure is on.

So let's find out who won it!

LMS Champions League Final Result

Stefan F 12, TwoRonnies O 15, Mason F 0, Zinedine5Zidane X 0

What an anti-climax! Two of our finalists failed to get their predictions in the for the European finals... after battling all season to make it to the final, they went out with a whimper instead of a bang... very sad. Mason fought hard to get here, hopefully he'll be more lucky next time. Zidane wanted to win another LMS for the X format but he too didn't enter.

The runner up is the man that had a brilliant season. Hastings-based Stefan is the champion of the Europa, the runner up of Europa LMS, and he also has the most overall round wins of the season (7 total). Now he has a fourth accolade (and a second near miss), with his incredible near-miss in the LMS CL. His 12 points was just 3 points shy of what it would have taken to share this trophy. Unlucky Stef!

Which means our winner is none other than the O format's finest... TwoRonnies! The irony being that this is the last stand of the O format before it disappears forever. Massive congratulations to Ronnies for this brilliant victory, and for the silverware he has won. Everyone is very impressed with his performance even though we know very little about him. Well done to TwoRonnies and unlucky to the others!
Congratulations to TwoRonnies, for immortalizing the O format and himself forever, by becoming the first and only O-format player to ever win anything overall (across all formats). Indeed, LMS cups can only be won across all formats since they are a knockout that involves players from all formats. His win sent shockwaves through the predictions world and he should be proud of himself.

We also give a shield to the person who scored the most round wins during the season, and while Ronnies may have immortalized himself with the LMS Champions League win, Quicksloth comes out on top here. Both Q and TR managed to surpass Lawro at the very end, but while Ronnies inched 1 win ahead of Lawro, Quicksloth blew him out of the water and scored 50% more round wins than the ex-Liverpool defender did.


Quicksloth 18
TwoRonnies 13
Lawro 12
CStars 7
Conor Dowley, Bjorn Hof 5
hammad.kimi 3
Ch@os 2
Ed, LeJclair, Brother Jon, sacman701, LFCtillIDie 1

There is also a shield given to the O player that scores the most overall round wins in a season. Stefan's 7 wins was the most overall (he is from the F format), but one O player managed a very respectable and enviable 4 round wins, and so he wins that shield, too. That player is, of course, none other than Quicksloth. Well done!

That just about wraps it up, except to have a look at the World Cup winner, and of course to ask for your interviews.


Our two legends didn't enter the World Cup, in fact only 4 players did. They stopped playing once the knockout stages came around, which meant that none of them got anywhere near the top of the final standings nor had any chance of winning it. This sort of thing is why I can't run the game on O format anymore (too much effort, with very inconsistent entries)... however remember you are ALL welcome to play with my email group, just send an email to - or you can play on the LFC Forums - same game, same overall standings, but run by someone else.

The 4 players that entered here on O all put up a valiant effort. Here were the final standings

World Cup Winner - hammad.kimi O 161
Runner Up - pretzalz O 123
Bronze Medal - CStars O 121
4th Place - Conor Dowley O 119

Congratulations to Hammad Kimi, who breaks the endless monotony of TwoRonnies and Quicksloth winning everything, by picking up the greatest prize of all - the O-only World Cup title. He will also go down in history as the last person ever to win a trophy in this prediction game here on this format.

I hope that you all enjoyed playing, and let's have a quick look at the winners of everything before I give you your interviews.

O-format - hall of fame

Premier League - TwoRonnies
FA Cup - TwoRonnies
League Cup - Quicksloth
Europa League - Quicksloth
Champions League - Quicksloth
World Cup - hammad.kimi

Shield for Most O-only Round Wins - Quicksloth
Shield for Most Overall Round Wins by O player - Quicksloth

LMS Champions League Title* - TwoRonnies
* the only overall title ever won by a player on O. That's quiet a legend you just wrote for yourself TR!


Please fill out these interviews when you have time, and post them here as a comment. Also if you can, please tell the people who are due to write an interview about this thread in case they didn't see it!

How do you do it? You cleaned up so many trophies this season. You were also the overall runner up in the Champions League! And what's with the name Quicksloth?

Where are you from? Where do you live? Was there a huge victory parade for your title wins?

You won slightly more O-only titles than TwoRonnies... you got the League Cup, Champions League and Europa League. But he won the Prem and the FA Cup, plus he won the LMS for the Champs Lg which was a competition for all formats. Who do you think had a better season? Are you jealous of his overall win in the LMS Champs Lg?

Who do you think had a better seeason, you or TwoRonnies?

Do you like the shields that you won for most O-only round wins, and most overall round wins by an O player?

Why did you skip the World Cup?

Are you going to join the L or F format and keep playing and try and replicate your success?

So who are you and which part of the world do you live in? And how did you come to support Liverpool?

How does it feel to win an overall trophy for the O format in the only season that the O format has ever existed, or will ever exist?

Not only did you win the LMS cup, you also won the Premier League and FA Cup double within the O-only format. Are you proud?

Who do you think had a better season, you or Quicksloth?

Why did you skip the World Cup?

Does your LMS Champs Lg win across all formats mean that you are definitively the best O-player ever to step on the predictions field?

Are you going to join the L or F format and keep playing and try and replicate your success?


Congratulations on winning the World Cup! Who were you supporting? How do you feel?

Why did you stop playing halfway through?

What are you going to do with your trophy?

Are you going to keep playing on the L or F format?

Don't forget... if you want to keep playing in this new season, send an email ASAP to

Or, go to the Official LFC Forums and start playing there. The game is pinned to the top of the page in the Football Discussion section. The links are up at the top.

It's been a pleasure running the game for all of you! Sorry for the late updates! Take care and You'll Never Walk Alone!

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