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Rumour Mongering: Reus Set to Be Liverpool's Highest Paid Player Ever

Liverpool are hoping that the highly sought after Marco Reus could be convinced to spend time on Merseyside for the princeliest of princely sums next season. Sounds legit!

Scouting report: tattoos could use a little work in terms of filling in blank spots and overall cohesion of themes.
Scouting report: tattoos could use a little work in terms of filling in blank spots and overall cohesion of themes.
Simon Hofmann

The only thing that stops a transfer rumour dead in its tracks is if it becomes reality. Until the player moves to the club he's been linked with, the rumours can persist for years, decades, or even what feels like a millennia (Arda Turan, we're looking at you). Naturally, the rumours surrounding one of the summer's most eligible and sought after players have not only resurfaced but have doubled down on the totally-going-to-happen factor: Marco Reus to Liverpool is back on.

Back in July, Liverpool cruelly shot down the idea that they had any interest in signing the player amid a groundswell of fan chatter that for a few glorious hours had Reds worldwide thinking they'd somehow staged a major coup in capturing Reus' attentions. This hasn't stopped fans responding to every one of club owner John W. Henry's tweets — regardless of subject — with variations on "REUS" of course, and the latest rumours would have Henry splashing some pretty hefty cash on the player.

To prise Reus away from his beloved club Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool are allegedly prepared to offer him a contract worth £200,000/week, according to a delightful story published in The Express. Reus is currently on the equivalent of £60,000/week, and although Liverpool are apparently prepared to more than triple his salary to bring him to Merseyside, his new rate would make him the highest paid player in Liverpool history. Ever.

For fans who lament Liverpool not signing "marquee" — insert your own definition here — players during the summer or that the club aren't interested in paying the astronomical, unsustainable but incredibly attractive wages that clubs like Manchester United can to lure in star names, the Reus rumour is certainly a tasty one. It ticks all of the checkboxes that many are looking for, but it comes with a major hit to the wage bill at a time when Financial Fair Play rules make balancing said wage bill an important part of staying out of trouble.

With Reus allegedly refusing to sign a contract extension and a buyout clause of only £20 million, it's hard for many to picture the player staying in Germany next season. Reus will never be a hotter prospect than he is now, so while it's tempting to buy into this particular rumour, it's best to temper one's expectations given both the competition for his signature and the kind of money that is likely going to be involved in the negotiations.

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