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Agger Denies Transfer Rumours but Misses Four Weeks

Liverpool fans got some bad news when it was learned Daniel Agger would miss four weeks with a calf injury, but with the player shooting down any transfer speculation at least it won't be a longer absence.

Clive Mason

For Liverpool fans, there's good news and bad news on the Daniel Agger front. First the good news: Agger isn't going anywhere, at least not this month. Having found himself behind Mamadou Sakho and Martin Skrtel in recent weeks, speculation linking him with a move away from Anfield had inevitably started to bubble up, with some suggestions Liverpool had already turned down a bid from Napoli.

Given Liverpool's depth at centre half, that whichever of Agger or Skrtel is sitting on the bench will start to be linked with other clubs seems the status quo. When Agger was asked about it, though, the player insisted it was nothing more than baseless paper talk, and Agger's history of being honest and upfront when it comes to his statements to the media at least makes it easier to take him at face value.

"I'm not thinking about moving at the moment, not at all," Agger insisted when Denmark's Jyllands-Posten asked the centre half about whether the player's immediate future might involve a push for a move to Italy or Spain. "I've only seen what the papers say and I can't really do anything about it. There is no reason to believe these rumours."

That, then, is the good news. Agger says he isn't going anywhere. And when Agger says something one can usually—unlike with perhaps most in football, whose statements always have to be taken with a mountain of salt—believe him. Unfortunately, that just leaves the bad news, as what originally looked a fairly minor calf cramp suffered against Oldham turns out to be rather more serious.

While not an issue of cramping, Agger's still unspecified calf injury that came following Liverpool's final substitution, forcing the Reds to finish the match down to ten men, is expected to keep the him out for at least a month. It's bad news for Agger personally, especially with Mamadou Sakho expected back against Stoke on Sunday to pair with Martin Skrtel in what has become Brendan Rodgers' first choice defensive partnership, though for the club at least it should make it easier to survive his absence.

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