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The Week in Comments: "Thread Jack: I love you, Ed"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Clive Mason

Mamadou Sakho: "Respect" is Key at Liverpool

Thank you, Marmaduke.
Thank you for confirming absolutely everything I feel about this club and the way I approach sports in general. Sport literally saved yer life, you say? Yer decision to come to Liverpool (for a paltry 16m quid!?!?) was based on something more than cash and a guarantee of CL football? What are those words you used – “values”? “Respect”? “History”? You mean these aren’t just figments of my fanciful imagination? Musings of my overly attached fanaticism? I’m not just projecting importance onto silly things don’t actually mean squat in this dark, greedy, corporate, oil-slicked new world of football? Yer not just a commodity, then? Yer human? Yer boss.

What a relief. Breath of fresh frackin air that is.


— latortillablanca

Pre-Hull City Overnight Open Thread

If you could have Liverpool Football Club make a New Year’s resolution, what would it be?

— maninblack

Liverpool 2, Hull City 0: First Thoughts

Look Daniel, you can't reject my advances forever.
I’ll wear the prettiest dress for you.

— stiffstiff, who says what we're all feeling

Liverpool 2, Hull City 0: Bruised and Contused

Suarez has been exceptional this season
Most of the time he knows the treatment dished out to him is unfair and he just carries on with nary a complaint (by footballing standards).

Suarez is being a total professional about it. Now it’s time for the officials to be professional about their jobs too.

— R2D_2

Mohamed Salah May or May Not be About to Join Liverpool

I can't even live in a world where you're correcting me on the spelling of made up words.

— Nerf, to latortillablanca

Match Preview: Liverpool v. Oldham Athletic, 01.05.14

Thread jack
I love you, Ed.

— He_Drinks_Sangria

Liverpool 2, Oldham 0: First Thoughts, Old-Time Radio Edition

So many Iago jokes.

Iago post match comment
“How poor are they that have not patience!
What wound did ever heal but by degrees?
Thou know’st we work by wit, and not by witchcraft;
And wit depends on dilatory time.”

— TwoRonnies

— alcatrazzledazzle
Seeing as there was no TV coverage I do not believe Liverpool actually played or that Aspas actually scored. To quote Iago “Nay, this was but his dream.”

— Muriwo
When asked about his reputation as a goalscorer and recovering it now hes got his 1st goal:
Reputation is an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit and lost without deserving.

— PeterRed

Staff Comment of the Week

I'm breaking my rule and giving two staff comments of the week because Jake was on fire and I'm still laughing about these days later.

Match Preview: Liverpool v. Hull City, 01.01.14

But whyyyy am I dreaming about young fullbacks every night.

Mohamed Salah May or May Not be About to Join Liverpool

I wish that was what made me a poor lover.

Gif of the Week

(via maninblack)

Stats of the Week

  • Total comments this week: 3633
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 2608
  • Total green comments: 175

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment this week?

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