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Further Plans Revealed for Anfield Redevelopment

Amid further speculation about potential transfer deals as the final 48 hours of the January window got underway, Liverpool released additional details about the proposed plans to redeveloped Anfield.

Clive Brunskill

There's likely little that will be able to distract from the sheer madness of the next 36 hours--Liverpool are either close to finishing up a deal for Yevhen Konoplyanka or have seen the agreement interrupted by Spurs, Arsenal, and Ian Ayre's well-documented weakness for cabbage rolls. If Twitter is any indication of how the population at large is functioning (read: completely batsh*t insane), we're in survival mode, so let's just try to make it to tomorrow night without completely losing our minds.

The club tried their best to serve up some non-transfer news earlier today, even if it falls in the category of not quite actual news--Liverpool released their plan for redeveloping Anfield, titled the Anfield Spatial Regeneration Framework, which will have to taken in by the City Council as part of an overall plan that will hopefully see the project completed by 2018.

John Thompson from the Liverpool Echo did a lengthy Q&A session regarding what this means and doesn't mean, which you can find here, and he described today's events thusly:

It is important to see today's announcement as a pulling together of lots of detail, most of which we are all probably aware of. Everything is now in one blueprint document called the Anfield Spatial Regeneration Framework, so it is quite technical and important, rather than new and dramatic in terms of the detail. However it is a significant milestone and another step on the road to the Reds getting a bigger and smarter new home, and the residents of Anfield getting their own smart new homes in a refurbished and proud district around the ground.

So in terms of progress that can be seen--other than on a computer screen--there's little to speak of, but it appears that if all goes well, there will be some sort of significant forward movement as the club moves into next season.

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