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The Week in Comments: "He prefers Bavarian hops to Hendo hops"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Julian Finney

Salah Fee and Medical Rumours Gather Pace

I wonder how he fares in a Pirlo-style deep playmaking role

— inBODwetrust

Bournemouth 0, Liverpool 2: First Thoughts

What seems to have everyone on edge

(appropriately) IMO is the perception that this is THE year to get it done and get into Champions League. We will probably not have a better chance in the near future. With Tottenham stumbling out of the gates and Moyes at United, the best chance is to do it now. Everything potentially falls apart with a lack of CL qualification: Suarez probably leaves, it becomes increasingly difficult to attract more world class players to come here, we have less money to work with, etc.

Because of this fact, I think that everyone rightly expected BR to show some prioritization toward the league and the massively important game for that goal on Tuesday.

What is the point of having an Aspas or Alberto if you’re not going to give them a healthy run out in a game like this? What’s the point of getting more squad-level, depth players who are “up and comers” if they’ll probably be relegated to the same fate? I think it suggests that transfers don’t really matter much if the player arriving isn’t likely to start regularly. Because Brendan will probably underutilize them!

It’s definitely worrying. Luckily we’ll be playing the derby at home with the best strike force in the league, but come on Brendan… you have to do better than this.

There’s an awful lot riding on that match Tuesday.

— HighlyPlacedSource

Official: Chelsea Agree Salah Deal

Ian Ayre walks into a bar
Ayre: “pint please”
Bar: “That’ll be £2.40 please”
Ayre: “I value it at 47p”
Bar: “Fine, you aren’t having it then”
Ayre: “Didn’t want it”

— maninblack

Johnson Out Indefinitely With No Reinforcements Coming

I would just like to give a thank you to Johnson for attempting to play through injuries despite clearly not being able to play anywhere near his 100%. The worst part of this is that with all of the other injuries at FB he was likely still our best option. Similar to Allen last year, I hope he is able to recover and be able to play at the same high level he was at in the beginning of the year and years past. YNWA.

— CaptainFantastic8

39 Reasons Toni Kroos Won't Come on Loan to Liverpool

26. He prefers Bavarian hops to Hendo hops

— cashnewman

Lucas: "I Will Be Back in a Few Weeks"

Thank god. I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to Sterling at this point.

— legendarywalton

Chelsea and Liverpool Target Salah's Future Not Settled Just Yet

But of course Liverpool would be better for him than Chelsea
Maybe Salah is wise enough to see that. Maybe he got off the phone with Mourinho thinking, “Yeah, Chelsea!” but then saw Ian Ayre standing there in his motorcycle suit, holding out a helmet, and Salah slowly reached out and took that helmet, and they walked out the door, with the whole Basel club looking on, dumbfounded, slowly clapping, first one at a time, then all together in a frenzied crescendo, and cheering, too—even the curmudgeonly old-school conditioning coach—and Ian Ayre took him on a slow ride through the streets of Basel, talking about life and the choices one makes, about how sometimes the flashiest alternative isn’t the best one. And then Ian Ayre took him out onto the highway and opened the throttle, yelling over the rush of the wind that to live life to the fullest takes patience and discipline and development, but then there’s no knowing the heights you can reach—you can touch the sky! And then Ian Ayre drove him back to Basel and dropped him at the door of the club and looked at Salah’s confused and conflicted face, and said, “Well son, it seems you’ve got some thinking to do,” and put his helmet back on and motored off. Maybe that’s what happened.

— Farce of Nature

PeterRed breaks down how Liverpool spent 100m.

Staff Comment of the Week

Liverpool's Season on the Brink Following Lucas Injury Blow

I mean, don't panic buy or anything,

— Ed

Stats of the Week

  • Total comments this week: 3746
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 4122
  • Total green comments: 298

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment this week?

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