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Salah Officially Signs With Chelsea, Finally

Chelsea have confirmed the signing of the Egyptian winger, meaning that Liverpool's apparent main target is no longer on the market.

Ian Walton

Mohammed Salah has officially signed with Chelsea, meaning that any last gasp of hope that Liverpool could swoop in and pip the move are just as officially dead.

To be honest, this comes as something of a relief. While adding another winger with some future projection would be nice, the club has other priorities at the moment. With the club seemingly fixated on him in an almost bizarre fashion of late, hopefully this means that some of those priorities can be addressed now.

The cold reality is that, no matter how you felt about Salah signing, any hope for Liverpool bringing him in died the moment Chelsea showed up on the scene. He's spoken about wanting to play for Chelsea in the past, and never mentioned Liverpool in those interviews. So when a club he likes comes in with a late bid and likely higher wages than the main club that was trying to get him? He goes to that club, period, end of story.

If anything, this whole endeavor should hopefully serve as a lesson to Liverpool's staff: if you decide you really want a player, don't drag your feet. Get a bid together, get negotiating, talk to their agent. Don't let it go on so long that this kind of thing happens again.

Now go buy a midfielder. Please.

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