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Mamadou Sakho: French Teacher

The French defender spent some time at a local primary school this weeks, giving lessons in French and coaching the kids in football.

Laurence Griffiths

Mamadou Sakho has become a much-loved figure among Liverpool fans, and now he's giving the local community reasons to fall for those big brown eyes.

Sakho has been spending time at Anfield's All Saints Primary School, functioning as a football coach and French teacher. He's been there on a regular basis this season, including another trip earlier this week:

"I enjoyed meeting with the pupils again and helping them with their French reading and football coaching session.

"Being able to give something back to the local community is really important to me. I am really passionate about helping them to develop and gain as many opportunities in life as possible."

-Source: Liverpool Echo

Anyone who's been a fan of any sport for more than about three days is used to seeing lipstick charity efforts from players and teams, but looking back over pictures of this and previous visits, it seems as though Sakho is genuinely enjoying himself. It's always good to see players forming a genuine bond with the local community, and when it's a player that's as enjoyable to watch on the pitch as Sakho is, it's a huge bonus.

Hopefully Sakho will be able to return to the pitch soon and give these kids something to root for. I know we're all eagerly awaiting his return.

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