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Lucas: "I Will Be Back in a Few Weeks"

Despite initial reports he would miss two months with a knee injury, midfielder Lucas Leiva today said the timeline for his return will be significantly shorter than that.

Alex Livesey

After a month where nearly everything has been the worst for Liverpool, with the club falling from first over Christmas to barely hanging on to fourth on goal differential a month later, fans finally got a piece of good news today when Lucas Leiva revealed his knee injury is less severe than initially feared. Reports had the midfield anchor set to miss two months with damaged medial ligaments, but according to the player the real timeline for his return is weeks rather than months.

Deep breaths, everyone. It's still a significant loss, coming as it does ahead of the most important derby match in recent memory next Tuesday, but there now appears at least a chance of Lucas returning in time for Arsenal on February 8th. For many, that won't change the belief Liverpool desperately need midfield reinforcements before the end of January. However, if Brendan Rodgers is intent on continuing with Steven Gerrard as holding midfielder, the club may see things differently.

If, as appears likely, Rodgers and the club don't in fact see any great need for midfield reinforcements, then at least this piece of good news—finally, after a week that seemed wall to wall bad for Liverpool—gives fans some hope the club can maintain its top four push. Though of course, even with Lucas returning sooner than expected, it just means it's back to hoping Rodgers realises how poorly suited Gerrard is in a holding role when Lucas is fit again. And there's still the derby to worry about.

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