Predictions Needed - Prem weeks 23 & 24, plus FA Cup Round 4

Here are the predictions I need from all of you!

Since there are FA Cup ties this weekend (warning: they begin on FRIDAY not Saturday so get your predictions in ASAP), then Premier League games on Tues & Wed, then more Premier League games next weekend, we're going to do all three of these rounds at once. All predictions needed are below. I recommend entering all three rounds at once. If you enter them one at a time, you do so at your own peril, because so many times when people do that, they forget to enter the later rounds when the time comes. If you enter all three now you can be sure of getting points in all three rounds.

The update for this past weekend's Premier League games will be posted as a comment on here later. I've been in New York all weekend so I need to catch up on the games myself before I can calculate the scores.

The best way to do well in this competition is to ENTER AS SOON AS YOU SEE THE PREDICTIONS, because if you put it off until later, you might forget, and if you forget a week or two, it can really hurt your chances of silverware!

Get these in ASAP

The first 2 games are on Friday, most are Sat, and the last few are Sunday. If you fail to get these in on time (by Friday kick off time), you can still enter for the Sat & Sun games.

Arsenal v Coventry City
Nottingham Forest v Preston North End
AFC Bournemouth v Liverpool
Sunderland v Kidderminster Harriers
Manchester City v Watford
Rochdale v Sheffield Wednesday
Birmingham City v Swansea City
Port Vale v Brighton & Hove Albion
Huddersfield Town v Charlton Athletic
Bolton Wanderers v Cardiff City
Southampton v Yeovil Town
Wigan Athletic v Crystal Palace
Southend United v Hull City
Stevenage v Everton
Sheffied United v Fulham
Chelsea v Stoke City

These games will be played this weekend beginning in 2 days (FRI) so get your answers in ASAP!

Get these in ASAP

Norwich City v Newcastle
Swansea City v Fulham
Man United v Cardiff City
Southampton v Arsenal
Crystal Palace v Hull City
Liverpool v Everton
Tottenham v Man City
Sunderland v Stoke City
Chelsea v West Ham
Aston Villa v West Brom

These games will be played beginning in 6 days so get your answers in ASAP!

Get these in ASAP

Newcastle v Sunderland
West Ham v Swansea City
Stoke City v Man United
Cardiff City v Norwich City
Fulham v Southampton
Hull City v Tottenham
Everton v Aston Villa
West Brom v Liverpool
Arsenal v Crystal Palace
Man City v Chelsea

These games will be played next weekend in 10 days so get your answers in ASAP!


Don't forget that the next round of FA Cup Last Man Standing will use the scores based on this weekend's cup games. All of you should enter this round if you want to win the FA Cup proper, or get a round win, but especially those of you who have made it through in the LMS, who are just a few wins away from a Wembley LMS final!

Here are the match ups, again. If any of you don't show, whoever you defeated in the previous round, will take your place. If they don't show either, then your opponent receives a bye. New players will be entered into the LMS against each other, but may have to face more than one opponent, with a maximum of 3 "new player" ties.

Bob F v Kenny F
partlydave B v Stuzza L
Lieven F v Todd C
Yusef F v Hatboy X
CULDOIRED L v Zinedine5Zidane X
MosquesAndKebabs L v Bonemachine X
Mason F v CTA84 L
Bayezit B v Derek F
Wrighty98 X v Suso L
Wiggo X v Stefan F
Ross X v Conor Dowley O
MrLil8 L v -Topper- L
Jim F v Matteborn X

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