Well RED: The One Where Ed Pointed Out How the Prose Was Kind of Annoying and Now I Can't Unsee It

Let's get one thing out of the way: what I saw as kind of a charming and elegant way of setting the scene in the first chapter, turned into the prosaic equivalent of our third-kit. Especially the bit that read, to me, like this Saturday Night Live classic. (Moment of silence for how much I miss Bill Hader) Needless to say, this is going to take some getting used to.

That being said, the most interesting bit that I read here actually involved that piece: Shankly's ambitions were not being matched by the support from the Huddersfield Board. It's become pretty clear to me that Shankly is a man of uncommon confidence, ambition and drive. It's also clear that, in his mind, Liverpool Football Club had the means and similar desire to match that ambition.

Some talking points:

- Maybe someone from the UK can talk on this, but how far is it really for the family to relocate from Huddersfield to Liverpool? I live in Los Angeles, so the car culture here makes it seem like any drive isn't too far, so talk of travel between teams for matches makes it difficult for me to visualize just how big a change this is for the family.

- Some light research confirms that Shanks in fact did feel like Huddersfield had its peak based on board investment. Still, his career record would not jump out as a piece of evidence to invest more in the Bill Shankly era. So, assuming you had a candidate with a similar win-loss record (2 wins over .500) and YOU were a member of the board, would you choose to cede more control of funds over to this manager? Or would you react similarly to the Huddersfield board and make "sound financial decisions" for the good of the club?

- Provocation time! I know it's EARLY in the process, but there are some similarities in Brendan Rodgers and Bill Shankly. Namely, there seems to be a solid amount of confidence and focused (some might say "stubborn") drive that is clearly apparent in our current gaffer. And while this may be un-fun and divisive when it comes to how our gaffer deploys, say, a particular club legend, I think these characteristics are present in many leaders. Hoping that the results for Brendan look more like Shanks' days at LFC and less than at Huddersfield. Early returns are pretty rosy, to be fair.

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