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The Week in Comments: "someone is soooo close to winning Connect Four"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

I was previously unaware Adrien Brody was a Liverpool fan.
I was previously unaware Adrien Brody was a Liverpool fan.
Michael Regan

No Pressure, Kids: Rodgers Demands Goals From Sterling and Coutinho

I might be biased, but with this cast of skilled veterans, world-class stars, rapidly improving youngsters, and a manager with the backing of his ownership, I’d be hard pressed to find more exciting story lines compressed into one team anywhere. It’s a growing, living, breathing example of how a team should be rebuilt from its near-bankruptcy nadir and brought back to success, and with a few more additions now has the potential for glory

— alcatrazzledazzle

On Star Strikers and the Riding of Luck

Like steven gerrard after the 60th minute, the defense rests.

— latortillablanca

Liverpool Power Rankings: Most Likely to Sabotage the January Transfer Window Edition

Here goes:
Ugh transfers, why are there gaps that still need improving? Everything’s the worst—-Some sense and reason, FSG are cool, transfer window’s not the best anyway…OMG FSG are the worst, they ruined other sports teams, Everythings the worst!…Oh no thats some other guys. As you were….OMG FSG are the worst they’re just here for a quick buck and don’t care about the club! Everythings the worst….bunch of FSG defence, everythings ok again….wait! Everyone that just defended FSG is on their payroll!….yeh, moving on…Everyone loves ED…some sense, some humour and that be that.

TL;DR; Your happiness is richly justified :)

— PeterRed summing upwhat's been going on lately
Things just seem to be going from Badu to worse this transfer window ...

— Professor Ch@os

Rodgers: Gerrard "Fits the Profile" of a Holding Midfielder

This is at direct odds with the idea that no one is bigger than the club
this isn’t the Gerrard Football Club, with all due respect. It’s Liverpool Football Club. If he’s not apart of the best XI for the club, he should sit, plain and simple. Carra sat when that happened. As did Rush and Daglish and Barnes and every one else. If no one is bigger than the club, than his play and his effect on how the squad plays does matter, and it matters a lot more than making sure Steven Gerrard has a place somewhere in the side.

— Mr. Sanchez

Rumored Liverpool Fullback Target Agrees Aston Villa Loan

it was never gonna happen for liverpool anyway
spurs wasn’t in for him.

— deadlydirk_killerkuyt

Rodgers: "We Are Going to be Challenging"

A world class attack gets you a top 4 finish - A world class defense gets you the title.
We’ve scored 51 goals so far. City have 59. Chelsea have 40, Arsenal 39, Everton 34, Spurs 26. We’ve scored the most away goals in Europe this term in domestic leagues. With Suarez and Sturridge on the pitch these days, it is never a matter of if they will score but rather how many. Unless our defense tightens up, winning the league title is out of the question. On the flip side, we’ve conceded 3 at Hull, 3 at Everton, 3 at Stoke, 2 at Chelsea, City, Arsenal, Newcastle and Swansea – an average of 2 goals conceded per away game. At the moment it makes for entertaining football but ultimately it is the reason Everton are only a point behind us despite us winning 2 more and them drawing 5 more. That said, we haven’t had the same back line for more than 2 games in a row all season so its hardly surprising. Sakho returning would help a lot and if we get a hard tackling DM this window we’ll be in for a treat.

— Jimmy_Rustles

Match Preview: Liverpool v. Aston Villa, 01.18.14

Looks like someone is soooo close to winning Connect Four

— Ken Mueller on FIFA's World XI

Liverpool 2, Aston Villa 2: First Thoughts

I’m ready to place all blame on BR for this one. Poor tactical decision in the first half and it cost us 2 vital points. This better be a lesson for him

— Liverpoolforlife

TeddyRugby had some thoughts on the trickiness of this transfer window. D97 asks that we have faith in the club's management. a tommy point has some thoughts on what's needed at DM.

Staff Comment of the Week

Luis Suarez, aka the Best Player in the World

Suarez is actually closer to Messi’s greatest season in the history of the multiverse 11-12 La Liga campaign (50 goals on 198 shots for 3.96 shots per goal and 1.38 goals per game) than RVP/Drogba/Ronaldo/Henry’s best seasons are to what Suarez is doing.

— Noel, bringing the Keanu Reeves-style WHOA.

Gif of the Week

(via ejbauer)

Stats of the Week

  • Total comments this week: 3512
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 2663
  • Total green comments: 176

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment this week?

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