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The Week in Comments: "Brendan called SOS, SAS answers"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Clive Mason

The Week in Comments: "Thread Jack: I love you, Ed"

The definition of irony is Brendan finally using all 3 subs then Agger gets injured and we are down to 10 players.
I know this is an odd thread to put it on but it just struck me like a Coutinho shot strikes a fan in the upper tier of the Kop.

— wolf-in-wolf's-clothing

Sakho and Sturridge Likely Available for Stoke City Visit

I like Skrtakho because tacos

— usmc reds

Rodgers: "He's Learning the Demands of Being at a Big Club"

Considering he spent a year at Chelsea;
The “He’s learning the demands of being at a big club” is so deliciously bitchy. You go Brendan!

— PeterRed

Sakho Back For Stoke?

I want to know what he has against the Canaries?
I’d like to think that some time in the distant past, a Norwich fan, lost in Uruguay, insulted a young Luis Suarez, and Suarez just smiled to himself (after resisting the urge to bite the man’s arm), and thought, “One day, Luis. One day.”

— kingofzachland
Stratfordshire: come for the West Midlands, stay for the nonchalant accostings.

— legendarywalton

Stoke City 3, Liverpool 5: First Thoughts

This win is a lot more significant in hindsight
We did the double over Stoke. We’ve NEVER done the double over Stoke because we’ve never beaten Stoke at the Brittania in the PL era.

We scored 5 goals against them. I think this is their first time to concede 5 goals at home.

Only one other team have beaten them this whole season.

We beat them by having Migs save us at the start of the season with my fave moment of the season. We’re at half point and we beat them because Suarridge is the bestest in the whole world and universe.

— janeytee
Health warning
Do not watch Liverpool play while alone at home. A heart attack will not go noticed till someone comes to visit by which times it’s to late. Either watch in a pub or with someone who can do CPR.

— VicCapeTown
Brendan called SOS, SAS answers.

— jack's complete lack of surprise
One positive I haven't seen mentioned
Our set piece defending was very very good today. Stoke had probably fifteen good set piece situation between corners and free kicks, and we defended stoutly on every one. Part of that was poor delivery by Adam a few times, but we marked well nonetheless.


maninblack reminded us that Sunday was Daniel Agger's 8th anniversary with the club, i.e. this should be a national holiday. We also had a thread for our friends at the Short Fuse.

Staff Comment of the Week

Noel served up an oldie but a goodie.

Gif of the Week

(via Lis.)

Stats of the Week

  • Total comments this week: 3037
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 2674
  • Total green comments: 180

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment this week?

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