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Everything's the Worst: The Doc Was Right

Cursing a spell of uplifting September weather in London, ETW is back to neatly round up what's been happening at Liverpool FC and elsewhere, replete with links and words.

Clive Brunskill

Year Zero is over and Year One is here. We realised that the first year of Brendan Rodgers' reign at Liverpool would be one of deep transition where there would be certain unwelcome necessities in a rebuilding project. What that means is that a few things that flew last season just cannot fly today and even if they can fly, they better fly a lot lower than last season.

If you want to know what that means then ETW will bloody well tell you. That means using substitutions some of the time because we know that using them to their full regulatory extent is not anything we can hope for in most games. When we've only got one defensive midfielder in Lucas Leiva, a club legend who drastically tires in the last half hour of games, and a sharp edge that is feeling physically blunt then substitutions are a good idea. Squad rotation would be an even better one but maybe that's for Year Two.

The third part of the Back to the Future trilogy, Part III, is often derided as the unfortunate member of a much-loved trilogy. However, ETW is fond of 1885, "Mad Dog" Tannen, Clara, and the first McFly born in America. So many lines in the trilogy are catchy and memorable but it's the Doc's simple words that stick like that wine stain on your favourite rug.

Jennifer Parker: Dr. Brown, I brought this note back from the future and now it's erased.
Doc: Of course it's erased.
Jennifer Parker: But what does that mean?
Doc: It means your future hasn't been written yet. No one's has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one, both of you.

I hope we will Doc, I hope we will. Players like Mignolet and Sakho address a short-term and long-term need for the squad. The return of a hero in a half shell, the return of LL's mojo, and the addition of future GQ Man of the Year means that the defensive spine has immeasurably improved. We have premium weapons in attack with some uncertainty in central midfield but it is up to Brendan Rodgers to shape and direct the players according to his will. Free from fear and ancillary considerations.

  • Liverpool travelled to Manchester United and lost. The game was even. 352 seemed to work. Liverpool were very much in the game throughout. Set pieces undid lots of decent work. Again. Suarez is back. It shouldn't be a case of preferring to win one game over another when Liverpool face Manchester United but both Rodgers and Moyes will be pleased with the timing of their respective victories over the other. Our Brendan faced a Manchester United under new stewardship and Liverpool's record against the other big guns has been poor in his time here. That victory could be held up as a sign of progress. When Liverpool would go ahead in big clashes last season, mistakes were made or initiative dissolved to allow opponents to draw level. Not on 1 September 2013. For David Moyes, victory in the League Cup eased some pressure after a disastrous derby defeat to Manchester City. Two big games against Liverpool and Manchester City in the league. Two games lost. A third loss against either in such a short time would have been unthinkable regardless of the competition. Gary Neville used the word "relief" to describe the expression on David Moyes' face after victory in midweek. Both move on to make continue their respective journeys at England's greatest footballing institutions.
  • In two days' time, one winner will take everything in the Women's Super League as Liverpool Ladies face Bristol Academy Women for the FA WSL title. Two points separate the sides and at the top and only one game remains. Liverpool's two point leads means that a draw will suffice but in matches like these, a draw will never happen. The official FA WSL site has an excellent preview of the title clash and UK fans can catch the match on BT Sport at 2PM GMT/9AM EST on 29 September. More coverage information to come later.

That's all for now but I'll share a current musical obsession. Enjoy the weekend and a win at Sunderland would be a lovely reaction to recent results.

Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home ft. Majid Jordan (via DrakeVEVO)

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