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Suarez: "I'll Try My Best"

Following an energetic if rusty return to action for Liverpool, Luis Suarez shared his disappointment with Wednesday's loss to Manchester United and insisted he'll do his best to help the team moving forward.

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Julian Finney

While Ian Ayre was focused on the brand value of both Luis Suarez tendency to find himself in controversy and in his return to action after a ten-match layoff following his last bout of on-pitch drama, the player himself chose to reflect on the football side of things following his first game of the season for Liverpool.

"The result is not good because we lost," said Suarez, "but the feeling is good because we played very well, we created chances, [but] we missed. I know it was a difficult moment but for myself and for the team it's very important I'm back because [on the pitch] I can help the team and off the pitch I can't."

There were some concerns heading into the match that Suarez might not put in maximum effort following the summer's off the pitch drama, with Suarez agitating for moves to Real Madrid and Arsenal while his agent leaked confidential contract information to potential bidders.

Given Suarez has never been one to take it easy on the pitch, though, and further given it's a World Cup year, in retrospect such fears seem a touch silly. Given past incidents it might be hard to see Suarez staying at the club much past the short term, but while he is at Anfield, he intends to give his all.

"We'll keep going for the week and for the next game," he added. "All the time I try my best on the pitch. I'm here to help the team and help Liverpool and I'll try my best."

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