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Rodgers Confident of Suarez Commitment

Ahead of their visit to Old Trafford in the third round of the League Cup, Brendan Rodgers reaffirmed his belief that Luis Suarez will be fully committed to the Liverpool cause as he returns from his ban.

Thananuwat Srirasant

Other than fitness, there's no real reason that Luis Suarez shouldn't play tomorrow--Liverpool desperately need his creativity and skill, particularly with Philippe Coutinho out injured, and the striker is in need of match action as Brendan Rodgers looks to integrate him back into the first-team for the remainder of the season. Or at least, as Chuck outlined earlier in the day, until January, when we're likely to be faced with further rumors of his exit.

His efforts to engineer a move away from the club over the summer might give some reason for hesitation, however, and rightfully so. He looked less than bothered during the preseason tour (I know, preseason and etc.), and aside from a few pictures of him giggling in training, there's been little to suggest that Luis Suarez is any more committed to Liverpool than he was through the summer months. Which is to say, not at all.

But Rodgers is confident that the player will, at minimum, be giving 100% in his return to action, largely because of the support extended his way--waning as it might be now--through what's been a turbulent Liverpool career:

"You'll find out that once he gets that strip on he'll work his socks off. He's received nothing but affection and love from the supporters. They deserve no less than 100% and knowing Luis that's what he'll give them.

"It's been an interesting couple of years for him here. He's a top player and he needs to be on the grass, playing football, showing all his qualities to the supporters here. And I am very hopeful he is now focused on delivering for them after the great support he's had here."

Easy joke about 100% effort being not nearly good enough to succeed in a Rodgers-led squad aside, the manager hits on an oft-cited theory about the return of Suarez--his makeup is such that any questions about his commitment to the club will be instantly erased, with his tireless running and goal-hunting suddenly an indication that all is again right in the world as far as Suarez and Liverpool are concerned.

That's not the case, of course, and his characteristics as a footballer will likely never again be confused with unrequited love for the club. He will probably start tomorrow, and however many minutes he gets will be marked by maximum effort and, as his manager highlights above, unquestioned commitment.

Same as it ever was, only now we know that commitment's got little to do with Liverpool.

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