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Rodgers Confirms: Suarez Ready to Take a Bite out of United

Getting in on the Suarez punning action, Brendan Rodgers used his pre-Manchester United press conference to let the world know Luis Suarez is champing at the bit to get back to playing again.

Laurence Griffiths

Having thought perhaps we had gone a little far recently with the obvious "Suarez Ready to Take a Bite out of United" title on our last story about the Uruguyan striker, it's somewhat comforting today to find Brendan Rodgers jumping into the deep end alongside us when it comes to the groan-worthy mashing together of Suarez and biting that has nearly reached critical mass ahead of Wednesday's League Cup tie against Manchester United.

"He certainly comes back into the squad and we're delighted to have him," began Brendan Rodgers at his pre-United press conference, sticking to safe and solid ground—at least to kick things off. "It's been a really difficult time for him in terms of not playing games, but I've got to say he's been fantastic in the way he's prepared himself over the last few weeks."

With Liverpool having played a handful of behind-closed-doors friendlies in the early going this season largely in the hopes of having Suarez fully match fit on his return, there's every chance he will be ready to go the distance on Wednesday. Rodgers may not be willing to commit to quite that much just yet, but he's willing to go as far as to say that Suarez is, indeed—ahem—ready to take a bite out of United.

"He's really champing at the bit now to come back and help the team," added the manager, possibly while smirking and pointing to Joe Allen, positioned back and to the left of Rodgers on an undersized drum kit and awaiting his queue to throw in a badum-tish whenever called for. "So he'll travel with us and we'll reflect over the next 24 hours whether he starts or not."

So though it seems unlikely to pan out that way, there's a chance Suarez only makes the bench on Wednesday rather than starting. But either way he's in a bitey mood. In a positive sense. And metaphorically. Probably.

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