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Sakho: "My Story With PSG Isn't Over Yet"

Ahead of Saturday's match against Southampton, new signing Mamadou Sakho admitted he hopes to return to his boyhood club some day—but PSG won't be Liverpool's main concern if they can't match the defender's ambitions.

Clive Brunskill

"I'm very proud to come here tonight," said Mamadou Sakho when asked by Sky Sports about his Anfield debut on Saturday while there was still hope for the player, club, and fans that it would end in smiles and sunshine and puppies hugging rainbows.

"I remember when I was young, I was up there," he added, "there in the stands, and watched PSG play [in the Champions League]. I have now turned a page [but] my story with PSG isn't over yet."

Queue the stories trumpeting Sakho's desire for a PSG return. Perhaps on account of how terrible Liverpool were against Southampton or because Brendan Rodgers asked him to play at left back and it clearly wasn't his glass of wine.

Of course, it will be little surprise to anybody who's been paying attention that Sakho would have arrived at Liverpool with the chance of an eventual return to his boyhood club in the back of his mind.

Some might quibble over the place and time he chose to share something that everybody already knew, but having done so doesn't change things in the least—either in the present or down the road.

If Liverpool can match the player's ambitions for European play and, eventually, title challenges, he's likely to be at Anfield for the rest of the decade before eventually heading back to PSG if they'll have him.

And if Liverpool can't do that, in two years the worry will be the likes of Madrid and Barcelona and Chelsea and Manchester City, not a sudden switch back to aclub that spent more than €60M on a pair of centre halves and spurred his move away from home.

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