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Everything's the Worst: Familiar Ground Edition

Joyously facing up to the inevitability of misery, ETW is back to neatly round up what's been happening at Liverpool FC and elsewhere, replete with links and words.

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Deal with it.
Deal with it.
Clive Brunskill

Trying to be positive in the last edition was unacceptable and it was out of character. It just felt wrong and ETW apologises. Sorry. It's difficult when faced with the misery that one has been pining for and when it arrives, it becomes difficult to appreciate it. That's one of life's lessons, taking setbacks and using them to find a way forward. ETW promises that any scrap of misfortune will be set upon from this very moment and hopefully, capricious events will present an opportunity to show how terrible ETW can be.

On the subject of terrible and terrifying, Liverpool losing a perfect league start to the season at Anfield was fitting. Live by the sword and eventually die by it. Secure victory by a single goal garnished in a clean sheet and suffer defeat in the same manner. Victories were tempered by a clear checklist for improvement and defeat at Anfield was characterised by very little that was positive. It felt like an old yet unwanted friend and was a reminder that this is a side that still has to prove itself each game. Brendan Rodgers' status as Liverpool manager hasn't changed either. While there are many reasons for optimism, is he the figurehead who will break a recent cycle of disappointment?

If Liverpool continue to be around the top positions, there will be an attitude of well done for past endeavours but can you do it against team X or team Y in a particular scenario? Each opponent will be a test of perceived failings that have engulfed Liverpool in recent years.That's how it's going to be for a side that's finished between 6th and 8th in the last four seasons. The Liverpool players, managers, and hierarchy might not like it but that's how it is. Looking towards clearer and sunnier skies could help but it won't change the fact that disappointment for failing to finish in the top four or even close is familiar ground.

  • Paolo Di Canio is the first one to go. The seasonal sack race in the Premier League has finally found one worthy enough to win it. What a win it was. Only six months into the job and a 3-0 defeat to West Bromwich Albion triggered his dismissal. Di Canio's a big character and his oft-discussed political leanings have been clear. Quite unsavoury but that's not why Di Canio has gone. If one looks at Sunderland's summer transfer window, there was a huge turnover of players but there wasn't much in the way of net spend. Such a turnover of players usually means that it will take time for a team to gel as seen with Tottenham but what is it that Sunderland are aiming for? Most EPL clubs in fact. Survival for now and possibly consolidate league status in subsequent seasons? In any case, the ferocity with which Di Canio attacked his players was surprising but it's usually results that speak loudest. What now for Borini?
  • Sunday was a significant day in England's top tier. Manchester United and David Moyes are struggling. David Moyes wants a reaction to the 4-1 defeat but that will be difficult if Robin van Persie is unavailable. Like Rodgers, Moyes will need time but Man United operate on a different set of demands. Sir Alex Ferguson lived for titles and Moyes will be measured by those standards whether they're productive or not. Manchester City might use the victory to go on a real run while Tottenham found another player to take over the Gareth Bale rescue act to win at Cardiff City. Arsenal continue to have an impressive 2013 and top the table despite injuries. Another Ramsey goal, another Özil assist, and another victory for Wenger. Stoke were the victims this time and Arsenal fans might be giving nicer interviews at the moment. Everyone's second team, Swansea, rounded off an excellent week by outclassing Crystal Palace to win 2-0. Michu turned in a fantastic performance and that's a player who could really make an impact at Liverpool.
  • Round up Sunday's Serie A action. Napoli's victory over AC Milan is significant and Paolo Bandini wrote a lovely piece in the Guardian about it all. Balotelli doesn't miss penalties but he did against Napoli. He did score to make amends but then he also got sent off to cancel that out. All this adds up to a three-match ban and another chapter in the Super Mario story. Inter's 7 nil win over Sassulo will bring greater confidence to Mazzarri's side as the Nearazzuri's unbeaten start continues. The Rome derby, known in Italy as the Derby della Capitale, brought a first victory for Roma over Lazio since 2011.
  • Derby della $€£ in France, PSG and Monaco couldn't find a way to snare a victory in the battle of the wallets. Ibra and Falcao both scored. Cavani's integration into PSG's side still needs work and he's not at his best in the wide forward positions but he still had some late chances to secure a morale-boosting victory for Laurent Blanc's men.
  • Events in Turkey were shocking as crowd trouble halted the Istanbul derby. There has been plenty of unrest in Istanbul this year and hopefully the Süper Lig will ensure that greater safety is present for players, fans, and employees in the stadium. Of course, it isn't as simple as making more of an effort in the stadium when football is often a microcosm of society. Much can be written and discussed about football culture in Turkey but this is worrying.

No Germany round up this week but ETW will be looking at events in Manchester as well as rounding up whatever seems interesting in midweek. Forget about grinding those teeth in memory of Liverpool's capitulation at Anfield and take a bite out of this.

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