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The Week in Comments: "You found God in a hopeless place"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Clive Brunskill

Swansea 2, Liverpool 2: Point Earned Despite Poor Second Half Performance

From my lip-reading
Jonjo wished Lucas a good day sir but Lucas retorted by wishing Jonjo a very good day and it just escalated from there.

— nihil in moderato on what caused both midfielders to earn themselves yellow cards

Rodgers: "Ready to Fight" for Top Spot

We were often a Mignolet save from conceding. But that’s due to Mignolet’s ability which was clearly what we bought him for. Which is less down to luck and more down to good scouting.

Poor execution from opposition can also be interpreted as good defense from our end to stop opponents from getting into good positions to shoot AND disrupting their confidence.

If the shot was a bit more accurate could be clearly used for us as well. We had more than 1 good goal scoring chance in all of our games. Especially in the Stoke game, if they didn’t have a good goalkeeper in Begovic, we would have had a lot more than 1-0.

The Swansea game could have easily gone in the way of 1-0 our way (or more) if we had our first choice defense.

That’s from a very cup half full perspective. We aren’t perfect, far from it, but by getting these points early on when everyone else is struggling and we’re struggling as well, bodes well for the rest of the season where I have faith that Rodgers will continue improving our execution.

— janeytee

On Steven Gerrard and Elephants in the Room

I think someone hit it in the other discussion

in tight games like Swansea, there is still a feeling of “he could pull something out of his ass to win this for us”. He’s a lot less likely to do so than he used to be, and may not be capable of it anymore, but there is still a sense that tight game, late, and all of a sudden Gerrard comes up from nowhere and sends a rocket shot into the back of the net for a winner. We don’t have anyone else that has that feel of they can create something from nothing here. And again, while Gerrard may not be that guy anymore, it’s hard to get rid of the feeling that of anyone on the roster, he’s the man most likely to create a game winner.

— Mr Sanchez, with credit to Wides for planting the seed of the idea

Matchday: Swansea City v. Liverpool

You found God in a hopeless place.

— Hermes, on Khaine meeting Robbie Fowler at Manchester International Airport

— Winds
“You’ve given Liverpool everything, Master Skrtel. Go to Napoli.”
“Not everything. Not yet.”

— Ostheer

Swansea 2, Liverpool 2: First Thoughts

Given that our first choice RB is hurt, our first choice CB is hurt, our first choice RF is suspended, our first choice CAM was injured in-game, our first choice ST is operating at 60% or so...

... a point on the road against a very talented team isn’t so bad. Not really sure what else Rodgers could’ve done: he went for it by putting in Aspas and Sterling. He didn’t pack it in. He didn’t have any better horses. The team just didn’t respond. Things will get better as the fitness of key players improves. (Hopefully Phil’s not out too long.)

— kindred (which seemed more reassuring before Saturday)

Everything's the Worst: Where's My Mind Edition

Good thing we got the first loss out of the way early in the season ...
It relieves the pressure of trying to go for an undefeated season.

— Professor Ch@os

Staff Comment of the Week

Post-Swansea Injury Round-Up: Freak Accidents and a Bit of Pain

It was like watching a unicorn in full flight get clipped by a really arrogant warthog.

— Ed, accurately summing up the tragic circumstances resulting in Philippe Coutinho's injury

Gif of the Week

Apologies for baseball, folks. (via RichieToGabbySCORE )

Stats of the Week

Top Five Commenters:

  1. Mr. Sanchez (250)
  2. maninblack (171)
  3. Lis. (127)
  4. HighlyPlacedSource (93)
  5. akak673 (90)


  1. Total comments this week: 3145
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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment this week?

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