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We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Alex Livesey

Liverpool Reportedly Interested in Victor Moses Loan from Chelsea

latortillablanca: maybe loaning a player from one of the two clear championship contending squads stings the pride a bit, but i really dont have much time for getting hung up on pride. you can’t start pride on the right if one our main guns go down. pride doesnt score any goals for you or create any assists on a dreary, rainy midweek night against Millwall. this squad is nowhere near the chelskis and uniteds and citehs. we’re barely even in the same discussion as spuds at this point, and the only way we get back into those sorts of discussions is by winning ball games. if a loan helps us win ball games, thats really all i care about.

Monday Afternoon/Evening Open Thread

nihil in moderato: I’d hazard a guess that each side would be okay with juan point in this young season, like all that matas is they don’t luiz. To be frank, they’re thinking too cleverly for their own good. Whatevra, I’m sure the victor will end up robin a goal off their shinjis at the last minute, then we’ll be giggling.

Liverpool 4, Notts County 2 (aet): First Thoughts

Francois_Toure: everything's the worst column is going to write itself this weekend
kennv: Winning is the worst
And it keeps getting worser

Liverpool Draw Manchester United in League Cup

MENNONATE: So we get to beat them home and away before September is even over? I like that.

Shay Given Linked With Liverpool Move

My Left Foot: Here's a Kolo story I plucked from the comments section on the Guardian's website.
Håvard Nordtveit, the current Borussia Mönchengladbach and Norway midfield holder who joined Arsenal back in 2007, once told the story of how, when he arrived for his first training session with the Gunners, basically the first thing that happened was that Touré, whom he’d never met before, came running towards him and lifted him off the ground in a giant bear hug. Apparently, according to Håvard, Kolo excelled at putting his arm around the shoulder of the numerous youngsters at the club, and was an all-round lovely guy.

smackwaterjack, after having the same I vs L typograhic confusion that many had about Tiago Ilori: PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB MY LGNORANCE

Jordan Henderson Starts to Come of Age

latortillablanca: i got 99 problems, but this brit aint one.
hit meh

Werner: Liverpool Had to Have "Discipline" in Transfer Business

Hermes, who does indeed have a too long, didn't read version of this comment: tl;dr: FSG has been doing a damn find job of building for long-term success, even in the way they’ve said no to transfers. Not just for CL next year, but for a club that they’d like to see have the same success as United has for the past 20.

Mamadou Sakho on Merseyside for Liverpool Medical

sacman701: Liverpool publicly pursues a good player at a position of need over an extended period…and the player signs with Liverpool instead of Tottenham! Nice to see that for once.
totokia: The center back version of the Sturridge signing. Criminally underused young, talented player. This is a marquee signing for all the twitter moaners (of course they won’t think so). Shocked that Barca, Chelsea, Arsenal (especially Arsenal) etc. weren’t in for him. Think he will be a top defender for us for a long time.

Liverpool 1, Manchester United 0: First Thoughts

winds: Team Spirit. That is all.
This is the tightest group we have had in years and long may that continue.
I might not sound it but I can hardly believe we have seen out three 1-0 games on a trot. Not the prettiest of wins but credit to the team, to the manager, there’s a steel about this side that is evolving and we will be getting even better.

latortillablanca: there is a lot to this, actually. the goal celebrations, the picking up of teammates, the workmanlike approach without loads of remonstrating... love it.

winds: Sakho, Ilori and Moses must’ve been itching to get out there with the guys in that atmosphere.
No one let anyone down today, not the club, the manager, the team, the fans, no one.
This is Liverpool, this is a Team.

Liverpool 1, Manchester United 0: Early Sturridge Goal Wins Another One

Nebhamoo: Gerrard and Lucas have shown that they are serious about defending the honour of their team mates.

It’s something that may have been a little understated in previous seasons, but this overt aggression in the face of the aggressors tells a story that Liverpool, aren’t willing to concede any battle on the pitch.

The meek can inherit the earth, but until that day comes, Liverpool are going to hold their own.

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