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Henderson's Hard Graft

He's gone from unloved transfer make-weight to critical cog in Brendan Rodgers' Liverpool side, but Jordan Henderson is not about to relax any time soon. That's simply not his style.

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Hendo and Stevie were particularly pleased when Raheem got a sensible haircut.
Hendo and Stevie were particularly pleased when Raheem got a sensible haircut.
Clive Brunskill

Apparently, there is a scientific consensus that  perpetual motion is impossible as it would violate the first or second law of thermodynamics. In recent weeks I've been roundly confounding this belief and drawing bewildered reactions from physics boffins everywhere. I've got a lot on, you see. Not the wow, that's a hectic schedule kind of busy, more the even if I don't sleep and hire a body-double, I still can't get that done kind of busy.

As a result, most of my scribbling for this fine site and other platforms has been done when sensible folk are sleeping. It's 3am now, for example, and after a day of multi-jobbing and endeavouring to be a good son and father, I am eating an apple and staring at my monitor with a mind one could best describe as otiose. This will be a short piece, friends.

Throughout this lonely stint, I've often thought about the seemingly limitless energy of Jordan Henderson. The England man has played every minute of the campaign thus far and covered more ground than any other player. It has always been thus. Even when Henderson was the target of Anfield impatience and forum bully-boys, one thing that was beyond criticism was his honest endeavour.

Finding himself marooned out on the right flank by Kenny Dalglish, the young man worked relentlessly to adapt and despite nearly being summarily discarded by Brendan Rodgers in a hideous, mind-melting deal for Clint Dempsey, Henderson has recovered and endured, to emerge as one of the premier League's most effective midfielders and a man without whom Liverpool would suffer badly.

As he approaches his hundredth appearance, the Sunderland native knows from bitter experience that football is unpredictable and cruel and that he cannot afford to believe he has finally made it. Unsurprisingly, when asked how he feels about being a key player these days, Henderson is circumspect and wary, emphasising the necessity for continued effort on his part.

"It's obviously nice but I need to make sure that I'm working hard and make it hard for the manager to leave me out," he told the club's website. His brevity is just another example of his efficiency. You see, Jordan Henderson would rather speak about his team-mates and the game, than witter solipsistically about Jordan Henderson.

Reflecting on the most recent outing, the dynamic midfielder praised the mental resolve of his team-mates and opined that Victor Moses, in particular, made a "great start" to his Anfield career. Inevitably, though, his thoughts return to the importance of hard work. He's a machine, this kid.

"We showed our mentality not to be beaten and could have won. We both, at times, dominated the ball and possession. At the start of the first half we moved it quite well and then they came back into it at the end. In the second half they came on a little bit more but we still had a couple of chances too get the winner. It wasn't to be, but we're still undefeated, so hopefully we can keep that going. Hopefully we can keep working hard in training and doing what we have been doing. Hopefully we can get a good result on Saturday."

Henderson's impressive dedication to the word "hopefully" is second only to his devotion to the cause. This is a driven young man who deserves to finally be a central part of Liverpool Football Club. Now, I'm off to work. Sleeping is for wimps.

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